Monday, March 2, 2015

This is the Way I Live

Wow am I tired! Something about this week was just exhausting. It was actually tough to get up by 6:15 this week. Sometimes we slept until 6:25 instead. Haha 6:30 isn't too bad, but earlier than that has gotten tough!
So if you want some early transfer news...I'm 99% sure I'm leaving St. David! It's sad, but strangely enough the reason I'll leave is for health reasons. Everyone and their dog in Saint David owns a horse, and with the wind picking up this time of year and the horses shedding as we head into spring, it's getting a little bit more difficult to breathe. Not to the point that I have to get moved out before transfers, but I talked to President last night and he agreed that I can probably function better if I can breathe. Who knew my random allergies to horses would affect transfers? But hey, it is what it is.
I had MLC and an STL conference this week, so I went up Thursday afternoon to Tucson and came back Friday afternoon from those. I love meeting with President Passey! And staying at their house is always fun, especially because the beds there are SO much better than ours that I sleep a lot better. Our mission has a gap between the missionaries that have been out longer and everyone else, and all the old missionaries pretty much go home by June. So our new focus is training the younger missionaries to take over, because it's going to happen fast!
Last week on pday we were planning to go to Sierra Vista to play sports after stopping by Target and Ross...yeah we didn't make it to sports. We spent the whole day shopping! Not that we got much, but it's nice to find a couple new things every once in a while. Plus I had to be stylin' for MLC. Haha...or maybe I am just so sick of my clothes that I kind of want to burn them so I never have to look at them again.
We had a cool experience this week with Personal Progress! We've started working with a few (and we're picking up more) YW on their Personal Progress. Some are active, some aren't, but they all need some help. Then in testimony meeting yesterday several of them bore their testimonies about how much it helps them when the missionaries come to do Personal Progress with them! I just remember how much I idolized the sisters (both in BG and on BI) and am so grateful to have the opportunity to pass that on by working with the YW here.
This week we got to do lots of service. With the weather being fairly mild, everyone wants to get stuff done before it gets hot. On Saturday, this less-active out in Tombstone needed help moving. It was an older lady, and we tried to get people to come help but there was a youth temple trip and someone else moving in and so all but one of the brethren weren't able to come. So we headed out, and lucky for us nothing was too heavy and we loaded the whole truck, and fast too! My arms were a little sore yesterday, but thank you to Heavenly Father for probably literally giving us strength to lift that stuff!
Nothing else too exciting this week, just lots of meetings. That's just kinda how life goes on the mission sometimes. Thanks for all your love and support! 
Love y'all!
Hermana Blackford
P.S. Mom that quote you sent me from President Packer is in PMG. Did you know that?

Hermana Blackford in St. David

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