Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is Here!


This week was a little crazy, but good! I spent two days in Sierra Vista on exchanges. We went up Monday for a hike (it was raining and cold and I was like what the heck!? I thought this was Arizona!), and I stayed until zone meeting on Wednesday. Zone meeting was super fun though, we did this activity where we all had a piece of cardboard and we had to get from one end of the gym to the other, but we couldn't talk and you couldn't just slide on your cardboard. Then they would do things like blindfold us, take away cardboard, add rules, it was crazy. Everyone had to cross, and so we made it across and then Hermana Baum and I went back a few times to get some other people. A super fun activity on unity though!

Just a reminder, next week is transfers so I won't be emailing until Tuesday!

We did some service this week - yay for yard work! We've got more service this week, because right now the weather is perfect for it. Not too hot yet.

We contacted a handful of referrals, but no luck. We're really struggling on the investigator end right now, but on the plus side lots of our returning members are doing great! We've had a big focus on patriarchal blessings, and off the top of my head I can think of 4 people that will be getting theirs over the next couple months.

The only story that is coming to my mind right now was while on exchanges, Sister Goodwin and I went off to contact a referral for Robert, a less-active, and his non-member girlfriend, Brianna. We show up and Brianna tells us that "He no longer lives here." Awkward! They had totally broken up. But we start talking to her, and we realize she started the lessons before and says she would love to meet with missionaries again! Got her info, boom, new potential investigator for the sisters. Then she gave us Robert's address. We get in the car and pause, because the address is in the elders' area. We debated just passing it to them, but then I had the feeling that we should go. So we drove over and Robert seemed a little surprised. We started talking with him, and even though we were just standing on the porch, the Spirit was so strong. He questions if there is even a God at all because he feels that he's had to go through all the hard things in his life by himself. Sister Goodwin piped up, "Well Robert, why do you think we showed up when we did? Isn't that God's way of saying He's aware of you?" He dismissed it as coincidence, but there was no doubt he felt the Spirit as we testified to him that he is a son of God and that He truly does answer prayers. I hope someday he feels that too, and remembers the two sister missionaries who "coincidentally" showed up when he was going through a tough time.

I love that the Spirit can prompt us anytime, anywhere.

Have a great week!

Hermana Blackford

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