Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One More Time!

Familia y amigos!

I can't believe I'm starting my last transfer! This has gone by so much faster than I had ever expected. I still feel greenie fire!!

Since I know you're all dying to know, I am getting transferred to the Rincon stake! Tanke Verde and Bear Canyon are my wards. Yes, it's English, but I was sad for about 5 minutes, then I realized I really didn't care that it wasn't Spanish. Haha. The Rincon zone has a reputation for being a tough zone. It's a wealthier area, in the outer suburbs and into the foothills. and finding people to teach presents a bit of a challenge. Which I think is why I'm so excited to go there! I feel like this last transfer I will get to put everything I've ever learned as a missionary to the test.

My companion will be Sis. Moe-Tafata (I think that's how it's spelled) and she's Hawaiian! Everything I hear about her is that she's awesome, but I'm still waiting for the transfer van to come get me so I haven't met her yet.

More good news - I will still be the sister training leader for Sierra Vista zone, which means I get to come back on exchanges and keep all my sisters! I love them so much and am excited to continue working with them and see the progress over the next 6 weeks. It means a lot of driving time for exchanges, but President felt that it would be beneficial for me to keep working with them since we've gotten so close over the last few months.

This week was CRAZY! We taught the same number of lessons, but did tons of service on top of it. Saturday we spent about 5 hours helping plant pecan trees, and finally today my back and shoulders aren't sore from all the digging. It was super fun though! We had quite the crew (including us and the elders) and planted 550 pecan trees!

Thursday we went and started doing this sweet old lady's yard - her name is Jean. She has some good friends that are LDS, and she's on oxygen so she stays at home 99% of the time. When our member gave us to her as a referral, she told us, "Jean has come to church a couple times before but has never really been interested in learning more, but you could probably do some service for her!" Well it turns out, that although Jean hadn't been interested in the past, she'd also never met sister missionaries before, only elders. So we showed up, scheduled a time to do yard work, and went this past Thursday. About 40 minutes in the weed-eater ran out of gas, and Hermana Baum and I cleaned up what we'd finished, looked at each other and were like, "Well, let's go ask her if we can teach her!" We sat down, began getting a little bit more of her religious background and experiences with the Church, and then I said, "Jean, have the missionaries ever taught you about what it is we believe?" She said they hadn't, but that the people from our church are so wonderful that it must be something good. "It is!" I said, "Can we teach you more about it?" She readily agreed, and we taught her about the Book of Mormon, and then she said, "Well next time you come back you can finish the yard and then we can talk some more!" Turns out this time, Jean was ready.

On another note, the doctor put me on some steroids for the week to help with my lungs since my allergies were getting a little out of control, and the medicine made my sugar levels totally weird! My sugar would spike and then plummet, so I was a little loopy all week. Sometimes I would shake (like how older people's hands shake when they hold stuff) and other times I would be so exhausted I physically couldn't stay awake. It was crazy! Hermana Baum asked me a couple times if I needed to go home for a while, but I was like ,"No!! Let's go!" I only have a few weeks left, so I need to make them count. I'm done with the medicine now, so I'm back to normal, but there were like 3 days that were rough.

It's been so sad to say goodbye to everyone in Saint David! I've seen so many miracles here (one of the less-actives who I helped come back got her temple recommend yesterday!) and have seen so many lives change, but I know that now it's someone else's turn to do that, and there are people in Rincon that need me. Saint David will always have a piece of my heart!

Have a great week!

Hermana Blackford 

P.S. I forgot my camera cord today so I will have to send pictures next week!

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