Monday, March 23, 2015

The City is...Big

Hey everyone!

So this was quite the interesting week since it was my first week in a new area, with a new companion, and in the city for the first time.

Sister Moe-Tufaga is pronounced Moy (like boy) Tufanga. Not as hard as it looks.
To say I am starting to learn my way around would be an overstatement. If I'm lucky I can find my way back to our apartment. And I drive all the time so you'd think I'd learn, but learning streets in the city is a totally different animal. I can learn a small town in no time, but a city? No thanks! And we even have the outskirts....and I STILL can't learn it! I started studying the map a little though and that seems to be helping.

I'd love to tell you about all the people I met but frankly, I only met a few people. We have a handful of investigators we teach, and that's it. No less-actives, nothing. Now I know why I got sent here! I talked to President and he was suprised when I told him what the work was like. The wards are AWESOME so I'm not sure what the disconnect is. We got some names from ward council yesterday, but other than that we knock, and knock, and knock, and try to find people that the ward doesn't know who they are. Which means more knocking. Good thing I like it! It's tough though because I got used to teaching 30ish lessons a week and to cut that in half....I just feel really unproductive.

We go to the gym every morning around 6! Wohoo! Since missionaries aren't allowed to go to public gyms, a member gave us a key to an apartment gym, and Hermanas Sutherland and Budge come with us. It's fun! It's actually in some of the elders' apartment complex, so now they complain they "can't use their gym" because we're there. I told them they could come. They said nah. Haha

Nothing too exciting or crazy for this week. I'll try to have some better stories next week!

Love y'all!

Hermana Blackford

Hermana Blackford with the Busby family
Hermana Blackford & Loretta

Hermana Blackford and the Merrills

Hermana Blackford on St. Patrick's Day - Green skirt!

Hermana Blackford & Sharlane

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