Saturday, February 21, 2015

Good Ol' Saint David

Hola a todos!

I am really liking this new 90 minute thing...I actually have time to write emails! Not that many people write to me anymore. It seems like the longer you're on your mission the less people think about you. Not to be all depressing or anything. I don't mind it's just funny that now I have time and not people to write to and before I had people to write to but no time.

I did get the box!! Thank you so much!! No letter from Kiera though, maybe that will come tomorrow.

And to answer the question that you all are asking (or should be asking), YES Jeff was baptized! Better yet he was confirmed yesterday at church! He was just beaming, as was his wife. And with the exception of Courtney's baptisms, Jeff's was the one where I have felt the Spirit the strongest. One thing I loved that he said in his testimony afterwards was, "God is still in the business of miracles because I'm standing here today." It really was a miracle! I was almost in tears during his testimony (which is saying something because I don't cry).

As for another continuation, that family (the Watsons) that just moved in and the guy came for the first time since he was 17? Yeah the ENTIRE family came to church yesterday, they've already made some friends in the ward. We're seeing them Wednesday, so pray we can set a baptismal date with the wife!

Hermana Baum and I are like a dynamic duo. It's hilarious. She's shy (well..until it's just the two of us in the car or at the house and then she is not quiet. At all.) but knows the gospel really well and is not afraid to talk in lessons. Which is so cool. We laugh so hard together. This transfer is going by wayyyy too fast!

New things for this week: Saturday was awesome! We got up early and played basketball - just 3 on 3 which is means the elders have to include us - and then got ready for the day at the other sisters' place because they live next to the stake cenere where we had the baptism. We did studies at the church, filled the font (we stole the elders' key after basketball and decided we would do it ourselves instead of making them fill the font), and got everything all ready. The baptism went great! Afterwards we heart-attacked the sisters' door before heading back to Saint David to do some service. 'Tis the season to put my gardening skills to use here! We helped begin prepping the ground for some raised beds at our ward mission leader's house. Anyway, after that, we went with Hermana Baum's bomb idea for the afternoon. Friday we made a ton of cupcakes and some brownies (thanks for the cake mix Mom!) and decided that since most people didn't want to see us on Valentine's Day, we'd go and bring cupcakes and share a little message with all the widows we could! It was so much fun and many of them were almost in tears. Everyone needs reminders that they are loved, especially on Valentine's Day!

Oh my goodness. One of the scariest moments of my life! Picture this: it's 8:00 at night in the teeny tiny town of St. David, which like Bainbridge Island, shuts down pretty early. We decide to go try a less-active member who we briefly met once while we were helping out with the blood drive. As we're standing on the porch after having knocked, we hear snarling, crashing and growling in nearby bushes that starts getting closer. You know in the movies where people are being chased and they start pounding on a door for someone to open it and then all of a sudden it gets quiet because whatever it is got them? Well that's what's playing through my head and both of us were so scared that Hermana Baum later told me she was about to just open the door and go in! In this moment of terror, the door opens, and we both jump about a mile high. The dog must have gone the other direction, because we couldn't hear it anymore. We tried to explain why we were acting so weird, but the member just gave us a funny look. I guess she couldn't see the movie that was playing in my head. 

Today was super cool because we went to the temple! It was stake temple day so we got special permission to go. A recent convert drove us out there, and it was amazing. I couldn't come up with a better way to spend a pday! The temple was PACKED. It was so cool. And we bumped into the Willcox elders at lunch! They got moved out of our zone so that was fun to see them.

This week should be good! We have lots of appointments, interviews with President tomorrow, exchanges at the end of the week. Ready, set, go!!

Love y'all!

Hermana Blackford

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