Thursday, January 8, 2015

Give 'em Heaven

Good morning-almost-afternoon!!

As we were walking out of a dinner appointment, this older sister told us "Give 'em heaven." I thought it was pretty funny! I chuckled all the way to our next appointment and then realized my companion wasn't laughing. I had to explain it....less funny then.

It turns out Saint David is pretty cold in the winter....I was wearing sandals and my feet were so cold! I guess it is usually only around 15 degrees when we get up in the morning and like 25-30 when we come home. I just don't like shoes or long sleeves. Not that I miss summer....I'll take this over 110 any day!

MUD WAS SO FUN!!! Oh my goodness I loved it. A little stressful because there were 230ish missionaries, but once the sports got going I grabbed a few friends and headed to the tennis courts. Which was a good choice. Apparently crowds still cause anxiety for me. So we ate breakfast, had a little "training" on some stuff like cleaning and stuff like that, played sports and games, ate Sonoran dogs, had a talent show, beat up 3 pinatas, and called it a day. I got to see all my buddies from around the mission and get caught up with people. It was great!!

MLC was the next day, so Hermana Dana (who I've served around a ton but never got to go on exchanges with her) and I stayed together in Tucson while our companions came back to Saint David. We stayed at the mission home (like with President Passey and his family) which was so cool! We were totally stressed that something would happen - like our alarm wouldn't go off so we'd accidentally sleep in - but nothing did. Whew! It was actually really fun. The meeting was AMAZING as always, and I'm super stoked about the progress we are making as a mission. Good things to come from the ATM!

Kathy did feed us dinner! And she's been telling everyone that she's been meeting with "the Mormon girls" and really likes it! Still no baptismal date, but she started reading the Book of Mormon and still raves about how all the Mormons she knows have such good family values and their kids are so polite. We must be doing something right! Haha

Bummer on the mini-mission; our laurel got super sick so she went home first thing in the morning. So it ended up just being a half day. She plans on trying again in the summer though!

Family! (And friends too if you have a burning desire) You should share your New Year's resolutions with me!

Here's mine (that I can remember off the top of my head):

Read the Book of Mormon 4 times
Read the Old Testament
Finish Jesus El Cristo before the end of my mission
Travel out of the country at least once
Lose 18 lbs

I had a hard time coming up with anything that was for the full year and not just to the end of my mission. My brain can't process past my mission.

Love you all and have a great week!

Hermana Blackford


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