Monday, January 26, 2015

To the Mountains!

Hey everyone!

I'm emailing later today because we went out and did a hike today! Some national park like almost an hour outside of Willcox! It was way cool. I will send pictures either today or next week! We hiked around for a couple hours and nothing makes me happier than being up in the mountains with my buddies!

This week we just started tearing it up! We had lots of lessons with active and less-active members because currently we don't have a whole lot going on the investigator front, but we're working on it.

I got sick on Saturday with a migraine (yuck!) and ended up sleeping for a while, which is unfortunate but then I felt better and now I feel great! Haha all caught up on sleep for a couple weeks.

I can't believe it's the last week of the transfer! I have no idea what will happen to Hermana Martin and I, so next Tuesday I'm sure we'll have some interesting news!!

Here's a funny story! Last pday we went up to Sierra Vista to hang out with the sisters up there. We were playing sports/games with their zone. Have you ever played Ghost in the Graveyard? Well it was basically the equivalent of that, except we were in the church. Anyway, we went to leave the gym (the stage was the home base or whatever it's called) and Hna. Martin was a little scared to push open the door, so she kicked it open and it turns out there was an elder standing right behind it! He ended up with a pretty good bump on his head. It was so funny, but my companion spent the rest of the day apologizing to him!

This will have to be a kind of short email since I'm trying to get classes figured out with Mom for the summer...I can't believe it's time to start thinking about this already! My brain still rejects the fact that some day I will have to come home from my mission...

Love to all!

Hermana Blackford

Monday, January 19, 2015

Las Hermanas de San David

Hey y'all!!

I really do say y'all all the time now. It's funny. I say it and people are like, "Oh so where are you from?" and when I tell them Seattle they always look so confused! Haha. I guess my Virginia companions really rubbed off on me.

This week was insane! In the most amazing way possible.

So Hermana Martin is AWESOME. Love that girl. We already get along great and are working hard. It's fun to talk in Spanish a lot and to have someone who totally gets why white people seem so strange sometimes. It's been a whirlwind as she's trying to get the area down and we only have 2 more weeks in the transfer!

Thursday we did exchanges and I brought Sister Moon to my area. She is such a doll. Possibly one of the sweetest sisters I've ever met.

Saturday was THE COOLEST because we got to go to the temple! But this was not any temple session, we got to go to the Spanish session!!!!! Oh my gosh it was the most amazing thing ever. We were so excited all the way there. To make things better, as we were walking in, 4 of the hermanas from the branch that Hermana Martin just came from showed up! She was so happy and they took us out to lunch afterwards! How cool is that? #tendermercies

We also had stake conference this weekend, and it was good. Mostly I was super excited to see President and Sister Passey again because they came to speak. I have spent many hours with them recently, and I love it. That's the best part of being in a leadership position is getting to know the Passeys.

Hermana Martin and I were planning one day and we had this sudden realization: in our mission it is almost unheard of to have two Spanish missionaries in an English area. That means there is some very specific purpose to this! We are spending as much time possible visiting all our Spanish members because we know that at least one of them needs us or we wouldn't be here together! It's  been a lot of fun, and it's like we have a mission within the mission.

I feel like there was one more thing I was going to say...but I guess I'm getting old now and can't remember! I guess I'll have to save it for next week. And when I remember I'll write it down so I can remember next week. 

Have an awesome week!

Hermana Blackford


Monday, January 12, 2015

Surprise Transfers!!

Hey everyone!

Wow has this been a whirlwind week! Not exactly what I had planned, but it was really good. We found 2 new investigators (one of which who does not speak English) and we went to the temple!!

The temple was fantastic and just what we needed to rejuvenate. I also stopped by for a surprise visit to Veronica!! She and her family are doing really well and are back on track with church and the goal of being sealed in the temple. Aydenn, who is in sunbeams now, totally remembered me! I was worried that he had forgotten, but his little face lit up when I walked in and he excitedly nodded his head yes when I asked if he remembered me! It was so cool to stop in and get caught up for a few minutes.

BRADEN KNOWS SISTER LONGSTAFF!!! Oh my goodness. She is my idol!! I love her so much. She was such an amazing missionary and so much fun. I can't believe he met her! I went on exchanges with her once, but spent a few zone meetings, a temple trip, and p-days with her!

I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Martin (and yes, she is a Spanish missionary too!!) and I just picked her up in Tucson this morning! She is from South Jordan, Utah! A tall redhead (kind of like Hna. Lunquist) and I can tell we're going to have a good time together! She's been out for about 7 months and everyone says she is just a top-notch missionary. I'm excited to speak Spanish a lot again.

P-day today will be just sports and games with the zone. Next week I'm going to Sierra Vista to be with my sisters out there! So that's something to look forward too.

I promise next week will be a better email...I'm just a little crunched on time today.

Love y'all!

Hermana Blackford

Zone Temple Trip

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Give 'em Heaven

Good morning-almost-afternoon!!

As we were walking out of a dinner appointment, this older sister told us "Give 'em heaven." I thought it was pretty funny! I chuckled all the way to our next appointment and then realized my companion wasn't laughing. I had to explain it....less funny then.

It turns out Saint David is pretty cold in the winter....I was wearing sandals and my feet were so cold! I guess it is usually only around 15 degrees when we get up in the morning and like 25-30 when we come home. I just don't like shoes or long sleeves. Not that I miss summer....I'll take this over 110 any day!

MUD WAS SO FUN!!! Oh my goodness I loved it. A little stressful because there were 230ish missionaries, but once the sports got going I grabbed a few friends and headed to the tennis courts. Which was a good choice. Apparently crowds still cause anxiety for me. So we ate breakfast, had a little "training" on some stuff like cleaning and stuff like that, played sports and games, ate Sonoran dogs, had a talent show, beat up 3 pinatas, and called it a day. I got to see all my buddies from around the mission and get caught up with people. It was great!!

MLC was the next day, so Hermana Dana (who I've served around a ton but never got to go on exchanges with her) and I stayed together in Tucson while our companions came back to Saint David. We stayed at the mission home (like with President Passey and his family) which was so cool! We were totally stressed that something would happen - like our alarm wouldn't go off so we'd accidentally sleep in - but nothing did. Whew! It was actually really fun. The meeting was AMAZING as always, and I'm super stoked about the progress we are making as a mission. Good things to come from the ATM!

Kathy did feed us dinner! And she's been telling everyone that she's been meeting with "the Mormon girls" and really likes it! Still no baptismal date, but she started reading the Book of Mormon and still raves about how all the Mormons she knows have such good family values and their kids are so polite. We must be doing something right! Haha

Bummer on the mini-mission; our laurel got super sick so she went home first thing in the morning. So it ended up just being a half day. She plans on trying again in the summer though!

Family! (And friends too if you have a burning desire) You should share your New Year's resolutions with me!

Here's mine (that I can remember off the top of my head):

Read the Book of Mormon 4 times
Read the Old Testament
Finish Jesus El Cristo before the end of my mission
Travel out of the country at least once
Lose 18 lbs

I had a hard time coming up with anything that was for the full year and not just to the end of my mission. My brain can't process past my mission.

Love you all and have a great week!

Hermana Blackford