Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tucson Trip #1!!

Hey everyone!!

So this week was probably one of the craziest of my mission yet - and it wasn't even because it was busy lesson wise. Here's the lay out of my week:

Monday: P-day! Woohoo. We didn't really do anything, just kinda chilled.

Tuesday: MLC! That means we were up early and headed into to Tucson. It was super awesome and I definitely will love that part of being an hermana capacitacidora! I got to see some of my mission buddies and....drum roll please...SISTER SUTHERLAND!!! There was happy dancing and hugging going on for a solid 5 minutes. I hadn't seen her in around 8 months. BUT then, after MLC, I went with her, and her companion Hermana Gregory, in a trio! It was so fun to talk all day in Spanish and teach in Spanish and be with Mexicans again! I felt so at home(: And they are both awesome hermanas so it was just all around good. We laughed so hard and talked nonstop.  (:

Wednesday: First thing in the morning was ultimate frisbee with some of the elders for our morning workout, then Spanish Conference! All the Spanish missionaries came to Tucson and we had a language and culture training day! It was so fun. I definitely realized my Spanish is not as good as it was while I was in Deming, but that's okay! It will get better...eventually. I did have somebody the other day ask me if I was a native speaker! #almostmexican

That afternoon I met up with Sister Munn again (she stayed with some other sisters) and we drove back to Saint David, grabbed some food, taught a couple lessons, and the drove out to Tombstone to meet the Sierra Vista sisters. I went to Sierra Vista, which means I spent all of 3 hours in my area from Tuesday until Friday!

Thursday: Sierra Vista with Sis. Walter! She is AWESOME. She's a newer missionary, but she is incredible. We had so much fun together and I always enjoy seeing other areas in the mission to get new ideas for my own. And we had a cool experience tracting where I talked to this black lady who was putting her screaming baby into a car and she was totally cool with the sisters going by the next day! That never seems to happen. I really think people are nicer because Christmas is coming.

Friday: Planning. Which means staying in for a few extra hours, which means I get a little hyper and easily distracted. But it's important.

Saturday: Tri-ward Christmas nativity! We were there for like 5.5 hours talking to people. Not as successful with the turnout as hoped for, but it was a great program and the Spirit was really strong! I was also kinda sick that day which made it tough, but that's alright. I'm all better now anyway.

Sunday: The usual church (minus the morning meetings), and we had a few less actives and an investigator come. We also got to teach Young Womens because it was on the hastening of the work. I loved it. Classic youth at first where you ask a question and everyone stares blankly back at you, but eventually they got talking and we had a great discussion.
Whew! That was like a marathon. I was (am?) super exhausted but that's all good.

This is Sister Munn's last week! We're ready to tear it up. We booked ourselves solid and are ready to run her into the ground before she goes home.

And yes that means emailing on Tuesday next week.

Love y'all!

Hermana Blackford


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