Monday, December 1, 2014

December = Christmas is Coming!


So this week was a weird week with the holiday and lots of people not wanting to meet and/or being out of town, but we were still super busy.

On Thanksgiving morning we went to go help a less active guy (his wife is pretty active but he basically never comes and we met with him Tuesday - the first time he met with the missionaries in like years) move tarps and pick up pecans after they shook the trees!! It was so fun. We are always asking to do service and most people won't let us, so it was nice that we finally got to do some! Plus...guess who came to church!!! That's right. He came. Coincidence? Nope. Service softens hearts!!

We had the Didions at the Merrills for like a week (Sis. Didion is their daughter) and it was SO FUN! It was like having little cousins around! Slightly loud/distracting during study time, but we loved it. They have 5 kids - a couple teenagers, a couple kinda in the middle, and the littlest was 2. Needless to say it was endless entertainment for us. Breakfast, lunch, and when we got home at night we always chatted with them.

Tuesday was INSANE. WE had appointments scheduled super tight all day, and by the time we got home we just crashed. It was awesome though!

Cool little miracle: so last p-day we were out shopping and a member texts and says her friend (who she's been working with for some time) wants to takes the lessons! That was one of our Tuesday lessons. Her name is Vikki, and to say the least, she is a GEM! Unfortunately lives outside our wards' boundaries, so this week we are passing her off to the other sisters. But here's the catch! The reason that Vikki agreed to take the lessons? We had met Vikki 2 weeks before while out to lunch after district meeting! We'd had a good chat with her. And so the member was like, " that you know the sisters would you like to meet with them?" And she said yes(: It was perfect!

Thanksgiving was good! Only 3 lunches/dinners...thankfully! Nothing too exciting or new on the food front. Just traditional white, American Thanksgiving!

This week we have a CRAZY schedule. Tomorrow is MLC so we'll drive up to Tucson first thing in the morning. After MLC I'm going to be in a temporary trio with Hna. Sutherland and her companion for the rest of the day while Sis. Munn goes with another companionship of English sisters because Wednesday we have a Spanish conference! After that I'll meet up with Sis. Munn, we'll go to a couple appointments in Saint David, and then go meet the Sierra Vista sisters because all day Thursday I'll be on exchanges out there! So I won't see too much of Saint David this week :(

Anyway, the clock is ticking amigos and I have to go, but I love and miss you!

Hermana Blackford


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