Monday, December 29, 2014


Happy New Year this week everyone!

Y'all should look up the Mormon Message "Look Not Behind Thee" if you haven't seen it. One of my favorites!

Christmas wasn't anything too different or miraculous, but it was a good day! We managed to keep pretty busy despite the fact that most people don't want to spend time with the missionaries over the holidays.

Exciting story! We have a new investigator, her name is Kathy. She's a little older (maybe 60s) and was a referral from her nonmember brother who we met while he was raking leaves one day. We met with her once and got to hear her religious background. She has a super solid faith in Jesus Christ but has never been convinced of any of the churches she has attended being 100% true. On Saturday, while I was on exchanges with Sister Hobbs, we went and taught her the Restoration. The Spirit was SO strong and she even told us that she believed that Joseph Smith really did have the First Vision. She accepted a Book of Mormon and told us she would read. We see a lot of potential even though there is no baptismal date yet. Towards the end of the lesson she said, "Hey, my sister in law says people feed you? Can I make dinner for you some time next week?" So now next time we see her she's going to give us dinner too! That's always a good sign :)

We're going to have mini-mission!! As in one of the laurels from our YW is coming to live with us for a day and a half! We're picking her up in a couple hours. I'm so excited!! We invited all the laurels from both wards to think about it and let us know if they want to serve a mini mission.

Wow time flies and I'm super tired today so my brain wasn't turned on enough for me to have much to say. I'm sure I'll have lots of stories next week with our Mission Unity Day and MLC this week!

Love y'all!

Hermana Blackford


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