Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Dia de Pavo!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

The plans this Thanksgiving are pretty awesome. We have a couple dinners/lunches we're headed to (hopefully 1 with an investigator and another with a less active family) and we had looked for service projects, but since we didn't find any we decided we're going to make cookies and swing by as many of our less active families as we can to drop off cookies and meet all the people we don't know! It should be a lot of fun.

I live with the mailman!! Haha that's so funny to say. But it's true. We live with the Merrills, and Bro. Merrill is the mailman. It'd be like me living in Grandma and Grandpa Wilhoit's basement. We live in the basement, and the Merrills pretty much adopt us as their kids. It's THE BEST.

As a training leader, I go on exchanges about once a week (once with each companionship we're over) to see how the sisters are doing. That means we give advice if their area is struggling with something, we address any obedience issues, and most of all we just listen. Missions are tough, and lots of times we don't need help, just someone to talk to. And that's what we do. We can give suggestions and advice where appropriate, but our most important role is to love the sisters and be there for them if they're having a tough time. Besides that, we do train at zone/district meetings as requested and we are part of the Mission Leadership Council (MLC) every month. It's pretty cool! It's intimidating too though because we are expected to have "model proselyting areas" in all aspects as well as be examples of obedience and diligence. No slacking for us!

We didn't find any new investigators this week, but we had one of the busiest weeks of my whole mission! We are struggling a little to find new people to teach (and by that I mean this week we didn't find anyone, last week we found 4 new investigators haha) so we decided to get in touch with a ton of our active members and do short lessons with them to challenge everyone to invite someone to learn more about the restored gospel within the next two weeks. This could be in the form of inviting them to church, to meet with missionaries, read the Book of Mormon, FHE, attend the church nativity in a couple weeks, go to, etc. So we ran around like CRAZY visiting as many people as time would permit. Members are the best way to find, so we figured if we can't find we need to get our members pumped to do it! I'll keep you posted on the results over the next couple weeks.

I got to go back to Pima on exchanges this week! It was weird to be back so fast, but fun to get to see some people and be with Sis. Harrington on exchanges.

Sister Munn and I have SO much fun together! We work to the point that we basically come home and collapse each night and usually the second people close the door behind us we run to the car because we book our appointments super close together, but that's what makes it fun. We're throwing our everything into this little 5 week transfer, and miracles happen because of it. And...we throw in a Disney quote every now and again. And by that I mean like at least 5 times a day. (:

Here's a little miracle of the week! So Thursday I started getting a migraine (yuck!) and did my best to keep it in check, figuring if I could make it to the evening then that night I'd sleep it off. Well, when I woke up Friday it was worse! I got up at 6:30 and did the normal morning routine, and I had this feeling it was going to be a rough day. I decided I would just tell Heavenly Father that I wanted to work and ask that if I did that He would make it possible for me to work despite my head feeling like somebody was crushing my skull. And He did! I don't even know how it happened, but we had a completely normal day. Turns out if you have faith, it really works to pray for anything!

I just want to remind you all to look for opportunities to do some service this week with Thanksgiving!

Have an awesome week!!


Hermana Blackford



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