Monday, October 13, 2014

Un Ano!?

Hey people!

I can NOT believe this week marks one year on the mission...scary!

Everyone asks if I like being back in the Valley and the answer is yes, I really do. The people here are awesome and I bump into people from the branch pretty regularly and they're excited to see me which makes me feel good to know they liked having me there!

We have a lot of part-member families we're trying to work with right now, so we'll see where that takes us this week. One girl we're just waiting on her grandma to get custody of her so she can get baptized(:

I feel like I don't really know our ward members very well yet. I've met a lot of people (many of which I can't even remember the face with the name) and I'm trying to get to know more, but it's hard. It will take more time than learning the people in a small branch.

The weather has cooled off quite a bit. I don't think it's usually hotter than the 80s with low 90s here and there. The mornings are nice and cool :)

Biking starts this week, and crossfit is kicking my butt. I'm still a little sore from Friday's workout! I love it though. Haven't missed a class yet!

This Saturday we had John's baptism!! Talk about the most prepared kid I've ever met. Beyond golden. He has so much fire for the gospel and already shares it with everyone. He's inspired so many of the other kids to be better missionaries too. And he had over 100 people at his baptism. WHAT!?!? I've never even HEARD of that many people at a baptism before. It was awesome! I'll send a picture here in a minute of us with him.

Last p-day we went on a little hike up on the mountain. The view was awesome and it was cool to be up in the trees for a few hours. I miss hiking a lot. Today we're doing a BBQ and outdoor sports at the fairgrounds. Lots of fun things(:

I can't think of any other crazy stories at the moment.

Love y'all!

Hermana Blackford
View from the mountain hike

John's baptism

Zone on a hike - Oct 2014

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