Monday, October 27, 2014

Is Fall Coming Yet??

Hey everyone!

Man these weeks are flying by. I feeling like I was just sitting here, typing out my last email. This week I didn't play the ukulele quite as much before coming though so it doesn't hurt to type today.

Best thing this week (also an investigator story)....we started teaching a new family! The Vegas!! And yes...the parents do not speak English. BUT the hermanas don't work with them because his  ex-wife goes to the Spanish branch and his records (oh yeah the dad is a member) are in our ward so we get to teach them. They have4 kids and it's super fun. The boys, who are like 10 and 11, would get baptized, but in the past (I knew them when I was here in the Spanish branch) the mom wouldn't let them. We'll see if things have changed though.

I don't know that there really was a worst this week. I can't really think of anything bad that happened. Just kinda the normal stuff.

With Halloween we don't have too many rules, just no hanging out at ward parties. If we use it as a missionary tool, we can go, but we can't use it to fill time. I think we'll probably end up weekly planning that evening since that would probably be the most productive use of our time.

We didn't really get to do any cool service projects this week. The elders are looking at lining something up to go do out in Bylas (the indian reservation) but I don't know when or if that will happen. But I'm glad the girls think I'm crazy for liking yardwork. I'm not crazy! I just like the sense of accomplishment that comes with projects like building fences.

Sounds like you've had a little bit of crazy weather back there in WA. It's warmed up a little this last week, and I'm really ready for it to cool down and pull out my sweaters and stuff.

Miss y'all and love you!

Hermana Blackford

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