Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conferencia!

Hey people!

Alright...this is going to be a short one but I don't have tons of time and I also can't think of a ton to say this week.

To answer questions, YES it is REALLY weird to not speak Spanish. Though I've already taught 2 lessons in Spanish since coming here. So I'm finding ways to use it as much as possible. And I sometimes forget how to say things in English. I'll be talking and then stop abruptly because I can't remember a phrase or word. I got used to saying whatever came out first but Sister Harrington knows 0 Spanish so I can't do that anymore.

So more about Sis. Harrington. Her dad was in the air force so she moved a ton as a kid. She is super sweet and has been out 3 months. Not sure what else to tell...haha. We get along well :)

I feel like my brain was turned inside out a little bit this week. There are so many new names and faces and tons of people to visit and it's a little overwhelming. BUT we are all set for a baptism this Saturday (his name is John, he's a senior in high school who had some awesome friends that introduced him to the gospel). We work with a lot of part-member families, but I am yet to meet most of them. No other baptisms scheduled, but we're going to try to fix that!

Conference was INCREDIBLE. I can't wait for the Liahona to come out. And the fact that people spoke in other languages? So cool! I was sad it was voiced over because I wanted to listen to the Spanish ones in Spanish...oh well.

I think the talks I enjoyed most were Elder Lynn G. Robbinss (he actually spoke while I was in the MTC too) and Elder Bednar's. Both missionary ones, so go figure :)

I love the promise that we have of Conference answering our questions. I wrote down 4 as part of my preparation and bam! Every single one answered. So cool!

Make sure to pick a handful of things from conference to focus on over the next few weeks to develop those habits that lead us to become more like Christ, like President Monson talked about.

Love y'all!

Hermana Blackford

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