Monday, September 15, 2014

Temple & Service

Hey y'all!
This week was a little crazy, and I'm about out of time so you're going to get the 5 minute version and then I'm going to send pictures!
So Tuesday we helped paint a recent convert's house for like 5 hours...she's really struggling to get by and the house really needed to be painted. We did the whole front room and it went from grey to white! It looked awesome when it was done, and the 5 of us (us, the elders, and our branch mission leader) were exhausted.
Wednesday was AWESOME! We went to zone meeting (where as an object lesson we taped Elder Williamson to the wall) and then went to the temple! It was a little weird because to save miles us and another sister rode with the elders and then the 3 other sisters also rode with elders. Weird. But the temple was so good. I really needed that spiritual recharge.
Saturday morning we did service for a non-member. Yardwork! It was actually kinda chilly and windy that morning too. I even had to break out my jacket. I weed-whacked for like 1.5 hours arms are still recovering.
I'm currently borrowing Elder Williamson's bike (thank you to him even though he won't see this), but I'll be buying one from another sister at transfers. But in the meantime this works. We need to cut back on miles and we don't really have much in the way of people to teach, so now we can literally talk with everyone and find some new investigators! We are just getting going with the bikes, so we're sore sometimes but it's fun.
I think our little Deming district is going to head to City of Rocks for a BBQ and the run around and stuff today. Pretty exciting!
Grandma asked if there are trees in Deming, and the answer is yes! Not very many and they are kinda small, but they're around. As for cactus, not really. I actually kinda miss them...
Okay sending pictures now!
Love you!
Hermana Blackford
Car ride to the temple

Object lesson at a zone meeting

Zone attending the temple

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