Monday, September 1, 2014

It's September?

Hey hey!

I feel like I was just staring at the computer screen yesterday trying to figure out what to write home and here I am again with the same dilemma. It's not that we don't do a ton of stuff, it's just all of it is normal to me so nothing stands out.

Our potential investigators are leading to some new people! Here's my cool story about finding for the week:

Last weekend (about a week and a half ago) Hermana Ellis and I were going to a lesson and a member was coming out with us. She texted us saying she was going to be like 10 minutes late, and we had arrived like 10ish minutes early, so we decided to do some knocking in the same apartment complex. We knocked a few doors, y nada. Then we saw this lady (she's about 25) standing outside and so we went and started talking to her. Her name is Alicia, she's from Colonia Juarez, and doesn't speak English (like tons of people here). We gave her a copy of El Libro de Mormon and explained what it was using the pictures at the front, set up a return appointment for this past Wednesday, and left. Wednesday came, and she was actually ready for us to come! She'd skimmed over La Restauracion pamphlet that we'd left as well, and even had some questions. Taught her the Restoration, it was super awesome, set up another appointment for Friday. We came back, and this time she brings here sister Alejandra with her (she's probably like 23) and her sister wants to learn more too! She just moved to Deming. Alejandra also said her husband was also reading over it, so maybe we can teach a couple of couples! They were going to come to church Sunday but we got a text late Saturday night saying something came up and so they told us "Hopefully we can come next week. We're still on for Monday though right?" They're awesome!

So I'm in a branch, haha a pretty smallish one at that too. I'd say on average we've got 60-80 people. Not tiny, but not too big either. I love it. Most families feed us twice a month because there aren't enough different families to do only once. Haha

Called for jury duty? Yeah I can't exactly make it...sorry.

Well...yeah that's about it. Send me more questions!


Hermana Blackford

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