Monday, September 8, 2014


Buenas tardes a todos!

Can I write my email in Spanish one week? I think it'd be pretty wouldn't take me any longer to write so it would be normal length even. My mission president emailed me and told me my Spanish grammar is "excelente." #woot

Investigators moving towards baptism...well depends. No one currently has a date, but we have some that are definitely going in the right direction.

P-day....we just play sports. No hay nada aqui. There's nothing to see or do for the most part. But I like sports, so I'm fine with it. I'm getting a lot better at basketball. And have awkwardly ran into the elders a few times. It's weird how missionary awkward I am. But it happened. Boys scare me. I think if one tried to hug me or something I'd have a complete freak out. This will be fun to readjust to when I go home. 

We have not been teaching English lately, but will probably start up a little bit. Because - are you ready for a cool story? Because the other day we went to go try and visit a former investigator, and when we knocked, Adriana opened the door! About 4 weeks ago when I was on exchanges, knocking in a different part of Deming, I knocked into Adriana and had a long conversation with her. She's a member of about 6 years, but her husband got upset that the elders were coming because he was super jealous and suspicious and wouldn't let her go to church. She decided to not go to try to save her marriage, but wants to come back so bad and knows without a doubt it's true. I told her about English class and she thought that since it isn't religious her husband will let her come. I hadn't seen her until the other day. She just moved into that house about a week ago too. She remembered me before I recognized her and told us she really wants to come to English now. This was definitely no coincidence - Heavenly Father is looking out for her. And maybe the reason is we can find a way to soften her husband's heart and help her come back. It was a really cool experience.

It's been hot lately, but the last few days it cooled down again. Supposedly by the end of the month people will be pulling out their sweaters.

This week we'll start biking some! I'm excited. Also I learned yesterday that they need me to play for the Primary program, so I have some new songs to learn. One isn't from the Primary book, and they called me in yesterday to have me play it. I'd never even heard it before. Do they not know I can't read music that well? I can't sight read to save my life. I have to play hymns I don't know frequently so I guess I'm learning. They seem to think I'm this amazing pianist that can just play whatever they throw my way. False. I have to practice. A lot.

Well I think that's about it for now. 

Have an awesome week!


Hermana Blackford


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