Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sunburns, Duck Races, and Elder Malm

Hey family!! 

Sorry about the short email last week, I had a bunch to read and respond too and then it's hard to email when the elders are also here emailing and all of us end up talking and then suddenly it's been an hour. We tried to come at a different time this week to email in peace, but that backfired and they showed up like 10 minutes later. So this one probably won't be super long either. #easilydistracted #sideconversations

This week was so good! So we've been really struggling with finding new investigators, so by Friday Hna. Ellis and I decided that we were just going to park the car and walk everywhere so we could easily talk to everyone we see. And although it was only in the 90s this week, it still is hot enough that I burned pretty bad (I made the mistake of wearing my hair up, and it's usually down so my neck burned pretty bad. In fact it's still burned...) We ended up walking for 5 hours and I don't know how many miles, but we definitely received blessings! Nothing too miraculous happened during that time, but by the end of the week we found 5 new investigators!

The weekend was a little tough because of the duck races. SO MANY PEOPLE. We walked over there on Saturday but it wasn't exactly easy to talk to people, so we stayed for like 15 minutes and didn't even get to see the ducks race. Bummer.

Yesterday was SO COOL. So Elder Malm came to our mission and we met with him yesterday. He was super funny and had so many cool insights. Talk about a spiritual feast! That took literally all day, but it was well worth it. It came at a good time too because I'm hitting my mid-life crisis. Well, mid-mission crisis. It's kind of the same concept though. Haha

I can't send longer emails because I don't know what to talk about....umm...hey I should be getting my hair cut today! That's exciting! It's gotten pretty long, but the ends are kinda dead. So we'll see how long it is when that gets chopped off.

Socorro and Noe didn't come to church on Sunday...but they're still reading and praying! Hopefully they can make it this week. We need to work on getting them married too.

We got to do more service this week too! We helped this guy, Harold, work on fixing up this house he's going to be renting out. We mostly did yard work. It was fun, and we got to have some good conversations with him! Right after that we headed out to help the members we helped before paint. The house is making so much progress! All the primer is on and some of it is painted. And they put the kitchen in. It's gonna be such a cute place :)

Well that's all I got...


Hermana Blackford

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