Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dad Will Be So Proud!

Hey family!

So this week was pretty crazy since it was Hna. Hardy's last week! She left yesterday and it's so weird without her. But we had a lot of fun before she left.

On Monday we went to City of Rocks and played capture the flag! It was super fun and no one even got injured. Basically our whole zone came. I love doing stuff like that.

On Tuesday (this is the part where Dad will be proud) we went to kill chickens! Yeah! We killed 6 gallos for a family in the branch. Well...I didn't do the killing part. We let the elders swing them around until their heads fell off, but I helped pull the skin off and cut out their guts! I was actually the fastest at cleaning out the insides (thanks to having practiced once before). It was super fun. And although he doesn't want me to, I'm going to tell y'all a funny story about Elder Williamson. We were out killing the chickens and there was one left. He went to get it, but it kept running around and making tons of noise and he was having a hard time catching it. We heard some banging, followed by a "Come here so I can rip your freaking head off!!!" and then more banging and then silence. Elder Williamson came out holding the gallo by it's neck and we all just burst out laughing because at first we weren't sure who had won that fight. It was hilarious.

We helped paint again this week too. Doing the ceiling sucks because I'm so darn short! Elder Dayley is a giant so he could reach some of it just standing on the floor and I was up on the scaffolding and still couldn't always reach. #shortpeopleproblems

We also are teaching an English class three times a week now! There's a family from Oaxaca with 4 kids and they don't speak any English. They're super fun and a couple of the teenage boys are super smart and are picking it up fast.

Hermana Ellis and I are excited to keep working here in Deming together and we're hoping that we do stay together for another transfer.

Miss and love you all!

Hermana Blackford

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