Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sunburns, Duck Races, and Elder Malm

Hey family!! 

Sorry about the short email last week, I had a bunch to read and respond too and then it's hard to email when the elders are also here emailing and all of us end up talking and then suddenly it's been an hour. We tried to come at a different time this week to email in peace, but that backfired and they showed up like 10 minutes later. So this one probably won't be super long either. #easilydistracted #sideconversations

This week was so good! So we've been really struggling with finding new investigators, so by Friday Hna. Ellis and I decided that we were just going to park the car and walk everywhere so we could easily talk to everyone we see. And although it was only in the 90s this week, it still is hot enough that I burned pretty bad (I made the mistake of wearing my hair up, and it's usually down so my neck burned pretty bad. In fact it's still burned...) We ended up walking for 5 hours and I don't know how many miles, but we definitely received blessings! Nothing too miraculous happened during that time, but by the end of the week we found 5 new investigators!

The weekend was a little tough because of the duck races. SO MANY PEOPLE. We walked over there on Saturday but it wasn't exactly easy to talk to people, so we stayed for like 15 minutes and didn't even get to see the ducks race. Bummer.

Yesterday was SO COOL. So Elder Malm came to our mission and we met with him yesterday. He was super funny and had so many cool insights. Talk about a spiritual feast! That took literally all day, but it was well worth it. It came at a good time too because I'm hitting my mid-life crisis. Well, mid-mission crisis. It's kind of the same concept though. Haha

I can't send longer emails because I don't know what to talk about....umm...hey I should be getting my hair cut today! That's exciting! It's gotten pretty long, but the ends are kinda dead. So we'll see how long it is when that gets chopped off.

Socorro and Noe didn't come to church on Sunday...but they're still reading and praying! Hopefully they can make it this week. We need to work on getting them married too.

We got to do more service this week too! We helped this guy, Harold, work on fixing up this house he's going to be renting out. We mostly did yard work. It was fun, and we got to have some good conversations with him! Right after that we headed out to help the members we helped before paint. The house is making so much progress! All the primer is on and some of it is painted. And they put the kitchen in. It's gonna be such a cute place :)

Well that's all I got...


Hermana Blackford

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Transfer in Deming!


I think I forgot to remind y'all but this week is transfers so that's why I'm emailing on Tuesday. Next week we have a meeting with the Seventy that's doing a mission tour so we won't email until Tuesday next week either.

But the good news is that Hna. Ellis and I are staying together here in Deming!!! We are so happy. We get along great and always have a good time.

We had a bit of a surprise this last week....We've been teaching this couple, named Socorro and Noe. We'd taught them basically every day for a week or so, and then decided to review the Restoration and watch the video. We watched it just with Socorro because Noe was at work, and afterwards she asked us if we could watch it again the next day with Noe. Wohoo! She just loved it. We went back and watched it with both of them, and at the end Noe says, "I was baptized like that guy" (referring to when Joseph Smith Sr. gets baptized in the movie). And we were like, "Oh that's great, what church?" And he says "Your church." We were like "What!?!?" So yeah it turns out he was baptized at like age 9 or 10 in Casas Grandes and stopped going when he was like 13 or 14. We were like "Why didn't you tell us before!?" and basically he told us he felt embarrassed because he hasn't gone in so long. Socorro didn't even know! We invited her to be baptized and he said he wants to come back, and so she accepted and they came to church! We're really excited. They are doing so well - they even started praying together every night without us telling them too!

Hey so I completely was unfocused today so I'm out of time, but I promise to send a better update next week!

Hermana Blackford 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Should have practiced more.....

Hey y'all!

This was a pretty crazy week here in Deming, mostly because it seemed like one thing after another came up and that kept us busy with things other than teaching lessons. Which is fine because we're here to serve, but puts a little bit of pressure on us this week to basically play catch up.
Saturday we spent a solid 9 hours at the church building, first for a funeral and then a baptism! The funeral was sad but also cool. It was for a recent convert who had really bad cancer and passed away. Only her, her daughter, and one granddaughter have been baptized, and it's cool to see how the gospel had prepared their family - even the ones who aren't members. And her husband came up and told us we are welcome to come visit anytime! Previously he has been friendly but never sat down with us for a lesson, but maybe now things will be different. Anyway, it was cool because you could tell the family was at peace. The service was beautiful, filled with the Spirit and basically the whole branch came out to support the family.

The baptism was pretty busy too - we had to have the little program in the chapel because there were so many people! It was for Miguel, a 15 year old boy who has faithfully attended church, mutual, and seminary for a year and a few weeks ago finally was given permission to be baptized. His family came to the baptism, and his mom to his confirmation. Miguel is basically already a member, so it was such a happy day. He's an incredible young man, and has a super powerful testimony. The elders have been teaching him, but we know him pretty well and I shook his hand afterwards and told him I'll have to give him a hug when I come back and visit after my mission.
Another fun fact...since Hna. Hardy left there is no one in the branch that plays the piano. Which means I played the organ for the funeral (and the piano for a special musical number), the piano for the baptism, and the organ for sacrament meeting (first time ever!). I was so nervous I was sick to my stomach, but it turned out well. Luckily since no one else plays I can just play the organ like a piano and people think I can play it. I can barely play the piano as is, but they're letting me pick the hymns. Turns out Mom was right...I should have kept up with the piano lessons....
Painting...we were painting at a members house. They're...what's the word in English....remodeling? a house. Like fixing it up and stuff. And so we helped put primer down on almost all the inside.
This morning we played some soccer with a few kids from the branch and some of the soccer team (the coach is in our branch)! It's only the second time in my life I've played (not counting like PE in elementary school), but I did okay and even hit it with my head a couple times! When I did they were all like "Yeah Hermana!!!" I kicked the ball a few times, got kicked in the shins a few times, so I guess you could consider it a success. I love that when we suck at sports, people force us to play and then get excited if we do anything right at all.
I got to go be with Hna. Wright for a day again up in Silver City!!! It was so much fun to be with her again - our transfer together was one of my favorites. It helps me realize how much I've learned and how far I've come on my mission - with teaching, Spanish, finding, studying, and all that good stuff. She goes home next week, and I will miss her so much!!
Well that's a wrap for this week.
Love you!
Hermana Blackford



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dad Will Be So Proud!

Hey family!

So this week was pretty crazy since it was Hna. Hardy's last week! She left yesterday and it's so weird without her. But we had a lot of fun before she left.

On Monday we went to City of Rocks and played capture the flag! It was super fun and no one even got injured. Basically our whole zone came. I love doing stuff like that.

On Tuesday (this is the part where Dad will be proud) we went to kill chickens! Yeah! We killed 6 gallos for a family in the branch. Well...I didn't do the killing part. We let the elders swing them around until their heads fell off, but I helped pull the skin off and cut out their guts! I was actually the fastest at cleaning out the insides (thanks to having practiced once before). It was super fun. And although he doesn't want me to, I'm going to tell y'all a funny story about Elder Williamson. We were out killing the chickens and there was one left. He went to get it, but it kept running around and making tons of noise and he was having a hard time catching it. We heard some banging, followed by a "Come here so I can rip your freaking head off!!!" and then more banging and then silence. Elder Williamson came out holding the gallo by it's neck and we all just burst out laughing because at first we weren't sure who had won that fight. It was hilarious.

We helped paint again this week too. Doing the ceiling sucks because I'm so darn short! Elder Dayley is a giant so he could reach some of it just standing on the floor and I was up on the scaffolding and still couldn't always reach. #shortpeopleproblems

We also are teaching an English class three times a week now! There's a family from Oaxaca with 4 kids and they don't speak any English. They're super fun and a couple of the teenage boys are super smart and are picking it up fast.

Hermana Ellis and I are excited to keep working here in Deming together and we're hoping that we do stay together for another transfer.

Miss and love you all!

Hermana Blackford