Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Arizona Not-Tucson Mission

Hey family!

Ready for the transfer news? I am in Deming, New Mexico!! There's a little Spanish branch out here. My companions are Hermana Hardy (she goes home in 4 weeks) and Hermana Ellis (she's been out like 5 months). It's kind of funny...apparently although this is the Tucson mission I'm being kept away from the city. I've successfully now been called to the ONLY 3 Spanish sister areas that are not in Tucson! Haha the Lord knows me...I'm a country girl out heart and so I get to be in the small towns.

I'm actually excited to be here. Everyone has been asking me where I would have picked to be transferred to and I told them Deming! Of course I would have loved to stay in the Gila Valley...I seriously love that place. But hey I have loved every area so far!

My stuff is all packed so I'll have to send pictures next week, but the baptism of Sean went super well! He is so ready and excited to begin this new life. I am SO grateful that I got to be there for his baptism. It was a great way to leave the area.

I'm cleared to play sports again from my concussion, and my ankle is getting better. It still hurts, but I can play basketball still, just can't really run in the mornings. The impact is a little rough.
I am super hungry right now so I'm struggling to think of what to tell you all...umm let's see.
Oh yeah! President Passey seems super awesome, he's really nice. It's still weird adjusting and it's gonna take a few transfers for things to settle down, but hey the work goes foward.
The 4th was kinda lame...we had to be in at 8 and saw no fireworks. But hey that's year I'll go to Stadium of Fire or something to make up for it.
That's all I can think of for this week! Please ask me more questions...I can't ever think of anything to say.

Miss you and love you all!

Hermana Blackford

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