Monday, July 14, 2014

El Trio Rico

Hey hey! 

Thanks for sending I actually have something to say!

My companions are from West Valley, Utah (Hna. Hardy) and Omaha, Nebraska (Hna. Ellis). And I LOVE them. We are having so much fun. It's just a party all the time because there's three of us...haha. I don't know how else to explain it.

The branch here is awesome! Super small, but that's okay. Deming is like 85% Spanish speakers. We found 8 new people to teach this week (I've never found that many in a week) and taught a TON of lessons. It was insane! We are so ridiculously busy, and the members are there every step of the way! It's incredible. It's pretty obvious why the two places that Spanish missionaries want to go are Nogales and Deming. Now I've been to both!

The branch keeps saying "Somos mas ricos!" (We're more rich!) because there is three hermanas. They LOVE the missionaries so much, especially the hermanas. So they are ridiculously excited to have us here.

My injuries are healing pretty good...My foot is still kinda messed up. It doesn't hurt to walk but certain positions are painful and if I push on this one spot it hurts super bad (don't worry I don't do that a lot, I was just trying to see if it had weird bumps does).

There is so much work here! It's going to be a crazy transfer. And we have us and one set of elders, so that's awesome because it's always fun to work with more missionaries.

We speak SO much Spanish here! I had this sudden realization that I've actually learned the language a lot better than I thought. I got here and one of the elders was like, "So, I hear you're like fluent in Spanish." Apparently that's the rumor floating around. I was like, "" But I'm getting close! I just need to be able to think in Spanish all the time instead of only some times. I've had two people comment recently that they thought I was part Mexican though! I know I'm getting tan, but that was after they heard me speak. So my inner Mexican is finally coming out!

We are teaching this sweet old lady named Noelia, and she is super sarcastic! I love it. She is such a classic Mexican lady though too. I have just come to love the Mexican culture so much.

I'm outta time, gotta go!

Hermana Blackford



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