Monday, July 28, 2014

Christmas in July

Hey all!

I have Christmas songs stuck in my head! For the last week of July we decided we're going to listen to Christmas music. Good decision.

I think this last week was the longest and shortest week yet. I don't think I've been this exhausted in my life (which is really saying something considering that I don't sleep well at home). If I sit down for like 10 minutes without doing something, I just fall asleep. Long lessons are killer right now...I lose focus because I'm so tired! I have no idea why, but maybe it's just finally catching up to me that I've been going like crazy for 9 months straight now. It's a satisfying tired.

Yes, Hermana Ellis and I came here together and we're trying to learn the area in the 4 down to one week...with Hna. Hardy. I think we've got things down pretty well. It's times like this that I'm grateful for having a pretty good memory and the Spirit.

Hna. Ellis is getting better at Spanish pretty dang fast! She was in a Spanish branch in east Tucson before she came here.

As for the elders...Elder Dayley and Elder Williamson are definitely pretty fun to work with. They're hilarious together and keep us laughing. They also make a funny companionship because Elder Dayley is 6'3" and HUGE and Elder Williamson is 5'8" and...not huge. They're the zone leaders too, which means they work hard. I've learned a lot from them already.

Investigators...we have Noelia who came to church yesterday! She's a sweet old lady who is super funny and absolutely loves learning about the gospel. Within 5 minutes of getting there she always asks, "Y la oracion?" and wants to get going on the lesson. Teaching her is a little slow because her memory isn't the best (we've taught her the Restoration 4 times already) but it's incredible to see how she progresses by her prayers and her answers to questions.

Church starts at 9...the website must lie. It's just normal church, 9-12.

My foot...I still can't bend it sideways all the way yet, but I think it's healing.

Well we're headed to City of Rocks for zone capture the flag today, so I have to go!

Peace out girl scouts!

Hermana Blackford
P.S. Remember my investigator Johnny in the Gila Valley who came to church after our lesson on the sacrament? HE'S GETTING BAPTIZED! August 9th. Hermana Lundquist told me :)

Deming, New Mexico - this is where Erin is!
Hermana Blackford's Apartment in Deming, NM - her apartment is on the backside.

The view across the street from her apartment 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Service Week!

This week we did a bunch of service, plus we went up to girls camp for a half a day and we had a branch FHE and a child baptism (which in the Mexican culture is followed by a fiesta). Which means we kept pretty busy. I'll try to send a bunch of pictures for the blog. But we cleaned up a street on Saturday, and that was pretty fun! We filled up two truckloads of trash. And found some arrows and other random cool things amongst the beer cans. Plus I got to wear pants!!
We are doing so well together! I actually am surprised how much I like being in a trio. It's still a little weird, but it's fun.
Due to all the service projects and a zone meeting up in Silver City, we didn't get to see people as frequently as we would have liked, but we have so many good things going here! I'm still a little nervous about learning the area within the next two weeks, but at least Hna. Ellis is here too. We're a little stressed though!
Alright, so I'll give you the run down on my district (since Mom always has to know people's names of who I'm serving with)
Elders Williamson (he worked at Disneyland!!) & Dayley - zone leaders, also serving in the Spanish branch with us
Elders Foster & Johnson - English ward
Elders Kellog & Merritt - district leader and other English ward
Which means we're super tight with our zone leaders because we see them every day, often multiple times a day.
I live on Florida St, like half a mile or so from the church.
There's a small family history center at the church, and that's where we email :)
Let's we're teaching twins! Names Sairah and J. They're super cool and are 19. They're going through a rough patch in their already tough life, but it's been incredible because every time we show up they're like, "That's exactly what we needed to hear!" or "We were just talking about that!" It's pretty cool how the Spirit works like that. 
Well...I can't really think of anything to say this week.
Love y'all!
Hermana Blackford
Hermana Blackford going to New Mexico!

Girls going to Girls' Camp - July 2014
Girls' Camp location - most green Hermana Blackford has seen for a while!

Sean's baptism

Deming, NM service project day - July 2014

Current companions in Deming, NM - Hermanas

Hermanas Wright and Blackford on recent splits

Monday, July 14, 2014

El Trio Rico

Hey hey! 

Thanks for sending I actually have something to say!

My companions are from West Valley, Utah (Hna. Hardy) and Omaha, Nebraska (Hna. Ellis). And I LOVE them. We are having so much fun. It's just a party all the time because there's three of us...haha. I don't know how else to explain it.

The branch here is awesome! Super small, but that's okay. Deming is like 85% Spanish speakers. We found 8 new people to teach this week (I've never found that many in a week) and taught a TON of lessons. It was insane! We are so ridiculously busy, and the members are there every step of the way! It's incredible. It's pretty obvious why the two places that Spanish missionaries want to go are Nogales and Deming. Now I've been to both!

The branch keeps saying "Somos mas ricos!" (We're more rich!) because there is three hermanas. They LOVE the missionaries so much, especially the hermanas. So they are ridiculously excited to have us here.

My injuries are healing pretty good...My foot is still kinda messed up. It doesn't hurt to walk but certain positions are painful and if I push on this one spot it hurts super bad (don't worry I don't do that a lot, I was just trying to see if it had weird bumps does).

There is so much work here! It's going to be a crazy transfer. And we have us and one set of elders, so that's awesome because it's always fun to work with more missionaries.

We speak SO much Spanish here! I had this sudden realization that I've actually learned the language a lot better than I thought. I got here and one of the elders was like, "So, I hear you're like fluent in Spanish." Apparently that's the rumor floating around. I was like, "" But I'm getting close! I just need to be able to think in Spanish all the time instead of only some times. I've had two people comment recently that they thought I was part Mexican though! I know I'm getting tan, but that was after they heard me speak. So my inner Mexican is finally coming out!

We are teaching this sweet old lady named Noelia, and she is super sarcastic! I love it. She is such a classic Mexican lady though too. I have just come to love the Mexican culture so much.

I'm outta time, gotta go!

Hermana Blackford



Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Arizona Not-Tucson Mission

Hey family!

Ready for the transfer news? I am in Deming, New Mexico!! There's a little Spanish branch out here. My companions are Hermana Hardy (she goes home in 4 weeks) and Hermana Ellis (she's been out like 5 months). It's kind of funny...apparently although this is the Tucson mission I'm being kept away from the city. I've successfully now been called to the ONLY 3 Spanish sister areas that are not in Tucson! Haha the Lord knows me...I'm a country girl out heart and so I get to be in the small towns.

I'm actually excited to be here. Everyone has been asking me where I would have picked to be transferred to and I told them Deming! Of course I would have loved to stay in the Gila Valley...I seriously love that place. But hey I have loved every area so far!

My stuff is all packed so I'll have to send pictures next week, but the baptism of Sean went super well! He is so ready and excited to begin this new life. I am SO grateful that I got to be there for his baptism. It was a great way to leave the area.

I'm cleared to play sports again from my concussion, and my ankle is getting better. It still hurts, but I can play basketball still, just can't really run in the mornings. The impact is a little rough.
I am super hungry right now so I'm struggling to think of what to tell you all...umm let's see.
Oh yeah! President Passey seems super awesome, he's really nice. It's still weird adjusting and it's gonna take a few transfers for things to settle down, but hey the work goes foward.
The 4th was kinda lame...we had to be in at 8 and saw no fireworks. But hey that's year I'll go to Stadium of Fire or something to make up for it.
That's all I can think of for this week! Please ask me more questions...I can't ever think of anything to say.

Miss you and love you all!

Hermana Blackford