Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Keep...Knocking?

Hey people!
I have like 7 minutes to write this email so here we go....
This week was pretty normal, minus the fact that about 60% of the missionaries in the valley just got transferred here. It's pretty cool though because we have a lot of Spanish missionaries in the English wards, which means we have extra eyes and ears on the look out for Mexicans for us to teach!! Which would be awesome because we could really use some new investigators.
We haven't biked yet, though we did find two bikes to borrow (transfers messed up our bike situation) and they are all ready to go, freshly repaired in the Elder Nelson bike repair shop! Poor elder...he had 7 bikes in their front room he was fixing up. That's what you get for working in a bike shop before your mission!
P-day this week will be the same as last week...sports at the stake center! It's less strenuous simply because we're all too lazy to plan anything. I'm feeling a hike next week I'll chat with the zone leaders and get that arranged.
I don't think more sisters will come to the Valley...this transfer the mission got super mixed up to get it cleaned up for the new president. So it was rather unusual.
Since we are having a hard time and so are the Solomonville/1st Ward elders with finding new investigators, we got us and the YSA elders out to their area on Saturday to blitz. We picked the most Mexican part in an attempt to help us too. It was 109 degrees. I didn't die though! and I have awesome tan lines on my feet and the WORST farmer's tan of my life. #sistermissionaryproblems On the plus side they got a new investigator, and some members gave us popsicles. And we've learned, when all else fails, just keep knocking, don't stop working!
Well...I need to learn to type faster. This is a short one this week!
Love you and miss you!
Hermana Blackford
Hermana Blackford in the Arizona desert
(she says this is what a large part of her area looks like)

Nelson, Blackford, Lundquist

Zone Picture

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