Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy 4th!

Buenas tardes!
I'm so bummed about missing the 4th on Bainbridge! I love the parade and street fair and stuff. But that's okay, I'll be partying missionary style. AKA we probably have to be home early so I'll be weekly planning and watching fireworks from our apartment until it's lights out at 10:30.

WE HIT STANDARDS THIS WEEK! And if you don't know what that means, ask Braden because I'm too lazy to explain. Basically we hit the mission goal for our area, and I've never done that before. Our baptism on the 5th is still a go, and we set a date for the 26th of July with Maciel last night! She's the one that our branch president contacted when he pulled her over because he heard her speaking Spanish. She came to church, has almost finished 2 Nefi, and is totally ready for baptism. And her two girls will probably too once they are home for school in August. It's so exciting! I most likely won't be here for her baptism, but I'll keep in touch with her :)

Johnny came to church! We actually had three investigators there - and all from different families! The work is exploding...I'm just praying we get another set of missionaries in our branch because we're exhausted and there's so much work we don't get to every week I feel really bad...
One of our investigators told me I look like I have a little Mexican in me! I was so proud.  #tanfromthearizona sun 

My head is fine...I actually didn't hit it. It was from stopping so fast that my brain crashed into my skull. But I have more awesome news! So after softball last week we were playing basketball with our zone and the other zone and I sprained my ankle SUPER bad. (That's what I get for jumping for a rebound at the same time as the Polynesian elder...) Like it was nasty swollen and completely blue for days. I could sorta-ish walk. Well actually it happened, I played basketball for another half an hour, and then hopped up on the stage to look at the damage and when I took my shoe off I was like "uh-oh" 'cause it was HUGE. The elders came over and were like "Put your shoe back on and tie it super tight. Somebody go get her ice!" and told me to lay down and someone grabbed a chair so I could elevate it. So I talked to Sister Killpack since she's a nurse and got in trouble because apparently for 2-3 weeks after the accident I wasn't supposed to play sports due to my concussion, but I didn't know. So I'm banned from sports until next transfer. My bad. On the plus side I think my foot is healing...hopefully I didn't rip a tendon or anything because I never went to the doctor. It's only slightly blue-green now.

As for good stories that don't involve injuries...hmm. I'm not really sure...I can't remember anything too crazy this week other than teaching a record number of lessons and being super tired and hobbling around with a brace all week.

President Passey is here! He got here this morning so the Killpacks are no longer our mission president and stuff. We meet the new President on Thursday, so I'm sure we'll start seeing changes here in a few weeks.

I'm glad people read my random rants and stories I send in these emails! It takes a lot of thought to figure out anything to say.

Remember next week is transfers so I'll be emailing Tuesday!

Mucho amor,

Hermana Blackford



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