Monday, June 9, 2014

Energizer bunny forgot to add a title so Mom filled it in

Familia y amigos!!!

Just as a warning I woke up on the hyper side of the bed yesterday and have been like the Energizer bunny ever since. I have NO idea what got into me (I don't eat a ton of sugar and no caffine), but I have just been a little cray cray these last couple days.

Alright ready to read about my super exciting missionary life?
So President Passey comes on the 30th, which means one more zone conference next week with the Killpacks! Woot woot!
That's funny that you were just talking about me threatening to break people's bones when they bother me. Just the other day my companion was telling the elders how she only has seen me semi-mad once, and it was because one of the elders said something dumb and all I did was rant about how I was going to beat him up. She says it was super funny because the elder who I was going to beat up is a foot taller than me. Whatever. I still woulda won. Apparently I just say violent things when people annoy me. I've never actually followed through on it though....
Hey! So COOLEST STORY EVER. Remember when I told you about the miracle lesson with Hna. Sutherland where our investigator Johnny prayed for the first time out loud ever? Well...he had dropped us like a month ago and we had dinner with their family on Thursday (his wife is an active member) and he talked about how he missed us coming and wants us to come back! So we started teaching him again Sunday. But the BEST part is that at the end of the lesson on Thursday, we asked him who he wanted to pray, and he said he wanted to!! Which is only the second time I've ever heard him pray. He's also in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. We had an awesome chat about how while we all follow the same path, each of our steps are different. Hna Lundquist shared her dad's conversion story, and I talked about a couple of the active non-members from our home ward. As much as missionaries tend to want to be pushy and get people baptized (and Johnny is one of those that is totally ready), we wanted to let him know that we're glad he's taking this so seriously, but to remember to follow the promptings of the Spirit he receives as he continues on this path. We can tell him to get baptized, but until the Spirit tells him it doesn't matter.
There were 3 baptisms in our stake on Saturday, and so we got to go to all of them! And an investigator came to one of them! His name is also Johnny, but he's Johnny D.
Also on Thursday we biked for a while. It was 111 degrees when we started...then it cooled down to like 90ish by 8:30. It was a good workout! I really like biking.
I have a new favorite saying! This applies to members as well as missionaries. I better attribute it to Elder Nelson, because he's the one who said it at zone meeting last week.
"Follow all your weird promptings."
I love that! Think about it: how many times during the day do we have impressions to do what seem like the most random things? Another valuable lesson on my mission came from a crazy Mayan lady. She told me to eliminate the word random from my vocabulary. Because NOTHING is random! Even those thoughts that seem crazy aren't. If we are living worthy of the Spirit, we are frequently receiving promptings to do things, whether to grow our own testimony or someone else's. When we act on the weird promptings, you will be surprised what miracles follow. I think of how many times I've had the impression to do the most random things (one time I just felt like we should walk across the bridge on 8th Ave.) and that most of the time in the end, I have no idea why. But I always feel accomplished afterwards. Try it out! Follow your weird promptings, and watch for the blessings.

Love you!
Hermana Blackford



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