Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Visit!


Well since I Skyped yesterday I'm not really sure what to say that's new. I guess Mom will just have to write something about the Skype call to make this more exciting.
Let's see...like I said Ernesto (our gangster) dropped us this week so that was super rough. It's moments like those when you realize how much you really love the people you teach and want them to progress and be baptized. Because to say we were sad would definitely be and understatement.

Today we're headed off to hike Red Knoll. We drove past it on our way to and from Ft. Thomas last night and it's like a ginormous rock with holes in it. I'm stoked. It's supposed to be a pretty intense hike. Just the way I like it :)
Let's see...oh yeah I got sick earlier this week and then after a day and a half was like "Okay time to get a blessing." So I did and within a few hours was fine. Turns out the Church is true and the priesthood works. Haha not that I didn't know it before, but tender mercies like that always remind me.

Oh! So Saturday was rough. Like no one was home and we talked to some SUPER rude people. Like my companion almost exploded at them. It was bad. Plus it was in the 90s. Anyway so that evening we stopped by to visit Hna Larson, and she could tell we were a bit worn down and asked what was up. She already knew about Ernesto because she had come with us to lessons with him, and so we told her about the rude people. She asked if we had any other appointments, and we said no since it was already after 8. She told us to get in her car and took us to the store and bought us popsicles - like Blue Bunny ones. And it was 3 boxes. So awesome! You must be taking care of the missionaries back home because the members are definitely taking care of us here.

Miss and love you all!!

Hermana Blackford
Dear Friends and Family,
Getting to talk with Hermana Blackford was  a great Mother's Day present! Erin looked happy and well. She was her usual energetic and enthusiastic self. As she talked about working with other missionaries I suspect her energy helps boost her district and zone.
As you can read in her letter, she has days that are discouraging and it's not all fun, but she bounces back quickly (just as Braden did on his mission).

She did tell us that there are quite a few sister missionaries who will be completing their missions over the next few months (about 9 or so) and that there are not enough coming out to replace all of those. The numbers of missionaries going out are starting to drop a little now that the age change has been in effect for a while and there isn't a huge pool of newly eligible people. With the reduced number of sister missionaries coming out there is the possibility that Erin will be a trainer sometime this summer. With the reduced number of missionaries heading into the mission field that also means fewer Spanish speaking ones so Erin could possibly get to stay in Spanish areas more - which would make her very happy.

We miss Erin but we are grateful she has this opportunity to serve others and for her own growth. We are coming up on 2 1/2 years straight of having a missionary out there and it has been a blessing for us at home as well.

Hermana Blackford loves the emails and letters from anyone so please continue to write or start! Doesn't have to be long or detailed - share a missionary experience you've had, something you are grateful for, or an inspirational message - missionaries enjoy hearing from friends, ward members and family.

Keep Erin and other missionaries in your prayers, bring them into your homes for dinner, give them hugs (when appropriate) and encouragement, help them find those searching for the gospel, be a support/friend for those who are baptized. Doing these things will bring blessings to you as well.

We appreciate your support of our children as they serve missions!



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  1. It's so sad they're having to close sister areas! Sherry talked about that during our Mother's's Day visit as well, exclaiming "where are our replacements?!" I hope more young ladies overcome their fear of serving, it will bless them so very much! She sounds terrific (of course!)