Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Biking, biking, and more biking

Hey y'all!

Since I know you're all sitting at your computers and on your smartphones waiting to hear the transfer news (or not haha)...I am staying in the Gila Valley with Hna. Lundquist! The whole mission got shook up pretty good so we're one of the few companionships not changing around here, which is kinda cool. We're sad to say goodbye to Elder Evans, our district leader who will be going home tomorrow, Elder Preciado, our zone leader, Elder Nichol, our personal trainer, Sister Weaver, and Sister Pearson. #bestzoneever

The new people seem pretty awesome though, and they pinkwashed two areas in the other zone, so now there are 5 companionships of sisters in the Valley!! Sisters are taking over :) #hermanapower

Sister Allred is doing good! She's on crutches/scooter for 3 more months, but her ankle will heal up. She gets to have a plate and screws in her leg the rest of her life, so yes she will always set of the alarm at the airport. She thinks it's pretty cool, and so do I!

The workout is KILLER. What makes it better is that we ran out of miles, so I biked a lot this week too! Tuesday I was on exchanges with Hna Wright (yes, as in my old comp) out in Silver City NM and we biked ALL DAY. And that place is super hilly! So I hurt bad after that. Thursday and Saturday we biked a bunch here, and we somehow came out 100 miles under our limit! #blessingsfrombiking We both have gained weight on our missions (maybe because we eat Mexican food every day) and are not too thrilled, so hopefully this will help. I do know that I am getting stronger because I can bike a lot farther a lot faster and we upped the weights this week at the gym.

We had a really cool lesson with Veronica last night! She had been in Phoenix for a few days so we went to go see her and talked about modesty (we're going through For the Strength of Youth with her right now), though somehow it turned to them getting sealed in 10 months (but hey who's counting?) and how she's already looking for modest wedding dresses. She told us "I'm getting ready to get married for real this time!!" Haha it was so cute. She has her temple recommend for baptisms, Jerry is getting his Sunday, and they want to go do baptisms together. Plus they're going to San Diego sometime this summer and she wants to do baptisms there because ever since she was little she thought that temple was so beautiful. Sound familiar? I told her she has to take pictures at the temple because it's my favorite.

Everything is going so well out here! It's getting hot. Honestly if it's below 90 it feels cool. It was in the 70s the other day so I wore a sweater. Ew. I'm turning into one of them!!! #AZheat

Oh yeah Grandma asked me about my tennis match last week. Elder Nelson and I didn't play any singles because there was only 1 court at the members' house, but sometime in the near future we will. Because we're pretty evenly matched and were both just itching to get an intense game going. #totallygoingtokickhisbutt Maybe next week. But it was so fun to play again. I have missed tennis!

Well I'm out of time and it's also after 1 and I haven't eaten lunch, so I'm gonna go. Love you all!

Hermana Blackford

P.S. Our zone really likes hastags. They're meaningless for us, but we send really long ones that make no sense a lot.

P.S. again: I'm going to send a couple pictures!
Zone Picture May 2014

Hermanas Blackford and Wright on their Bike Day!

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