Monday, May 5, 2014


This week was what we deemed "beast week." We'd had a slow week the week before and hated it, so we were like okay let's get this place hoppin' again. And we did! We were so busy AND we had to do exchanges which = drive forever and a day to Lordsburg. Do work!
Alright so to answer questions...
We definitely work WAY more in Safford than anywhere else. That's where we have the most investigators and members. We feel bad and wish we could spend more time, especially in Pima, but our area is so huge we physically can't cover it all equally.
Enough referrals...haha funny you ask. Last transfer, yes! But lately it seems as if the members are a little referraled out. But we're working on a way to fix that too :)
We attend the temple once every 4 months, just like the rest of the mission. No special privileges with it so close. Except that we can have lessons on the temple grounds, and that's hard to beat! The temple was AWESOME this week though. Got to see one of the new movies and going to the temple with other missionaries is slightly weird, yet really cool. I love being around other missionaries because we're all kinda at the same point in life.
Story time!
We had a miracle this week with our investigator Ernesto (yes, the gangster). One evening after dinner, all of our plans and backups had fallen through or cancelled. It was about 8 in the evening, and we were debating whether we should go home and do language study or if there was someone who needed a visit from us. We pulled over into a gravel parking lot and prayed. We sat there, still not sure what we needed to do. After a couple minutes, our phone rang. It was Ernesto, who had cancelled an earlier appointment. He asked if we could come over right then. We were ecstatic, and then realized we couldn't go in without a member since he's a single man. We called one of the hermanas in our branch who lives nearby, and she said she would love to go with us. We had a wonderful lesson about the gift of the Holy Ghost to help him prepare for baptism at the end of this month. And I think we learned something about the way the Spirit works through our experience that night as well. To end it all he came to all three hours of church yesterday!
Other exciting news...hmm. This whole week was a bit of a blur. Just work work and more work. I guess last p-day was interesting. We didn't exactly was more of an adventure. We went up to a place called the Gila Box (I even remembered the name for you Mom so you can stalk where I've been) and looked at the river. Just looked and skipped rocks and nearly died because we couldn't get in. I told Elder Nelson (he's the new ZL this transfer...I guess now it's been 3 weeks) that I'm from an island so this was killing me and he wouldn't even believe me at first! I was like no la neta I'm from Bainbridge Island. Then he was all like "Oh so one of those little peninsula fake island things." I was like "Oh heck no! It's a legit island!" Hna Lundquist backed me up on that one though since she's from T-town and has been to BI before. I think what made the argument so funny to everyone else is that I was so sassy to someone twice my height. He's 6'4" so I literally look up to him...all the time. If you look in the picture of us in the mirror at lunch I'm sitting between my comp, who's 5'9" and Elder Nelson, who's 6'4". It's days (well...every day now) like that where I feel really short.
Let's see...we got a free gym membership! The owner of the women's fitness center like half a block from us is Sister Killpack's (mission president's wife) niece. So Sister Killpack hooked us up with that one because a couple weeks ago when they were here she was out for a run and saw us jump roping on the sidewalk in front of our apartment and thought we would appreciate the gym instead. So now we get up early to work out for an hour, which I was pretty stoked about.
So...yeah. That's all I can really think of. I really need to take notes or something of things to write about because I swear every week I spend 10 minutes just staring at the screen and wondering what to say.
Love you all!
H. E. Black.

Hermanas Blackford and Lundquist at the Gila Valley Temple

Up close of Hermanas Blackford and Lundquist at the temple

Elder Tolman enjoys the grass

Lunch with ZLs and DLs

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