Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Week We Thought Would Be Rough But Wasn't

?Que rollo?
Well as the email title suggests, we had a week of miracles! We thought this week would be what we term "tank week" because we got off to a rough start...people cancelling, dropping us, no one home, etc. But it was not meant to be! (In fact it ended as one of the best weeks ever!) These are the two big miracles, which I shared with our mission president as well:
First, we had a prayer answered in a way we never had expected. We've been feeling quite overwhelmed and although our number of lessons is up, our list of "people not seen" seems to be growing as we've made an effort to meet every person in our directory and continue finding new investigators. We'd begun talking about doing some splits since member participation has increased, but weren't sure how we could get that to happen with frequency. About two days after this conversation, the zone leaders of the Gila Valley zone called us with a list of NINE of the YSA girls who are preparing to go on missions and asked us if we could try to have them come with us (to our appointments in English). They also gave us a schedule of their availability. Talk about an answer to a prayer! While we still plan on bringing our own branch members as often as possible, this has been and will be such a blessing as we try to visit more people every week. We've brought several of these future missionaries with us already and have had incredible experiences.
Our second miracle was with our investigator, Johnny. His wife is an active member and we've been meeting with him for a while, but progress is a little slow. Last night we brought another branch member and went to have a lesson on prayer with the object of having Johnny pray (which he had never done with us before) and inviting them to have family prayer daily. We had a wonderful lesson and the member we brought shared a powerful testimony of how she had been praying for their family and had thought a lot about them recently when we approached her and invited her to join us for that evening's lesson. At the end of the lesson, Johnny gave such a beautiful prayer that we were practically in tears, and they agreed to begin family prayer. This morning, we received a text from Johnny's wife expressing her gratitude as even she had never heard Johnny pray before. Both Hna Sutherland and I and the member who came with us were amazed by the Spirit we felt in their home and knew that this was an important moment for this family.
Say what!!!?? Totally awesome, right? And that's on top of the fact that our BAPTISM was on Saturday! It was SO good. Veronica shared her testimony after and was crying which was making everyone cry and the Spirit was so strong and her nonmember mom came and then the two of them came to the women's conference and Veronica is just doing awesome and so excited and her husband Jerry was ordained a priest yesterday and her little boy has BFFs in nursery already and the branch loves their family so much that people ASK US to come with us to visit them. In case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty excited.
Okay now that I got all that out, I can answer your preguntas.
1) Yes it is warm. 80s pretty often. So think August, but colder in the mornings.
2) We eat when we want to eat! Haha we don't have any specific times, just as long as it doesn't "interfere with prime proselyting time" which means we do what works for our schedule. We usually eat at 5 or 6 depending on appointments. We prefer 5 so we can be back out by 6 :)
3) Our investigator line up - like who are we teaching? I don't have time to say everyone, but my favorite guy right now is Ernesto, our ex-gangster! He's got the tear tattoo and everything, so he was pretty legit. He, and I quote, "converted to Jesus in 2003" and has met with elders before, but was totally up for meeting and is semi-open to our message. He is 99% right anyway, just needs to know the BoM is scripture and he'd be good to go. Haha he even said he believes it's possible that Joseph Smith was a prophet, he just has to pray about it. For any ex-misioneros reading this, we showed up and as he started talking he basically did our how to begin teaching for us. We were like "Why yes, that is our purpose and what we intend to teach you." Hahaha. And yes, of course our thug would be my favorite investigator.
4) Flat flat flat. ALLL the way to the mountains. It's a pretty big valley too.
5) To answer Grandma's questions, our p-day adventure for today will be going out to the observatory! They offered to give our zone a tour! Yay! Stars and stuff...yup.
6) Plans for the week - I'm excited for more splits with the future sister missionaries. It's like meeting myself from a year ago and probably what Sister Rea & Sister Baird felt like when they brought me out with them :) We also have G-Con, which is super exciting! Heck yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
Which reminds me read 2 Nephi 26:8 - listen to the prophets!
I'll send pictures of the baptism now.
Hermana Blackford
Veronica and Family and Hermanas

Veronica's Baptism

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