Monday, April 28, 2014

Gotta Love the Gila

Buenos Dias!

I'm glad you liked my cat and mouse stories. We laughed so hard and all the missionaries here were laughing too. Us hermanas (as our zone calls us because we're the only Spanish sisters here) tend to keep the zone laughing with our crazy stories and experiences. Somehow I think Spanish sisters do weirder things than English. Also both of us are very social and love to tell stories. :)

Haha I don't think thrifting is a big deal...except for the missionaries. Because we hate all our clothes and can't really afford new ones but we want them anyway.

Today we're going to make tortillas and then go on a hike with both the zones here in the valley! I'm excited...we were the ones who requested a hike. :)
This past Friday we had zone training (where President, his wife, and the APs come to visit us as a zone for like half a day) and it was awesome! Every missionary meeting always gets me pumped up all over again to be a missionary and apply new methods of teaching to help our investigators progress. After the meeting, Sister Killpack came with us to two lessons!!! We were super excited and a little nervous all at the same time. She told us we teach well together though, so that's good!
Last night we met with Ernesto, our ex-gangster who actually was one of the people we visited with Sister Killpack. We did a church tour and the Spirit was SO incredibly strong. He actually started tearing up and also accepted a baptismal date!!! We had 3 hermanos from the branch there too, which was awesome. Ernesto is super cool and has the most sincere desire I may have ever seen to find the truth. He's going to LOVE testimony meeting this coming Sunday, which will be his first time at church. Sometimes that makes us nervous, but with him we know it will be the perfect way for him to feel the Spirit and the "brothas and sistas in Jesus" that he's looking for. Plus he'll really like the culture of the Spanish branch (he does speak Spanish too) and how everyone is so accepting no matter what your background is.
This last Friday we also sang in a little ward talent show with a couple of the elders. We'd re-written some pieces of Disney songs into a medley and changed the lyrics to be about missionary life. We had the whole audience cracking up. It was awesome too because the elders cover 2 wards and they were saying they didn't know this ward as well, so it was a perfect way for members to see them and get to socialize a little bit. We just sang and then took off to go teach, but it was still fun.

We had stake conference this past weekend and it was INCREDIBLE. And not just because President Killpack and Sister Killpack spoke. All the speakers were awesome and our stake president is such a boss he just tells it how it is and it's funny and spiritual. One of my favorite messages was from a counselor in the stake presidency, and he talked about the direction we pitch our tents. Check out Genesis 13:12 and Mosiah 2:5-6. Where does Lot end up later on and where to the people of King Benjamin end up? Make sure your tent is pitched securely in the right direction - towards the temple and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Miss and love you all!

Hermana Blackford


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