Monday, April 21, 2014

Cats & Mice

Buenos dias!!
This week was a little loco crazy. Seems like it always is when you get a new companion. Plus...we had some unexpected experiences.
First of all, we're getting along really well! I miss Hna Sutherland, but no matter who came it just isn't fair because she was my best friend. Hna Lundquist is super funny and I can tell we'll get a lot done together.
Today we're going thrifting with Veronica, then swashbuckling (this time instead of going to the forest we're headed to the river), and then some volleyball. Pretty packed day if you ask me!
Oh boy do I have some interesting stories. Let's start on Friday night....
We were at the Medinas for dinner and then were headed to the church to practice music (yes, we sang again yesterday, but new songs). As I'm driving down the street where the Medinas live, a cat runs across the street out of nowhere! I scream and slam on the brakes, but I'm pretty sure we hit him still. My companion bursts out laughing because I screamed bloody murder and locked my arms straight as I slammed on the brakes. But I felt SO bad that I just started crying. She kept trying to tell me it probably lived since we didn't actually run over it, just hit it, plus it ran away. But I'm not that dumb so I know that poor cat is more than likely dead. Anyway, by the time we get to the church and the elders show up for practice I've stopped crying but was still feeling a little sad. We start rehearsing and Elder Tolman turns to me and asks, "What's wrong?" I blurted out "I ran over a cat!" and started crying front of 6 elders. Hna Lundquist told the story and at first all the elders laughed too, and then realized that I was legitimately crying and were like "Oh shoot!" Elder Tolman was awkwardly like, "Uh...Don't cry!" and Elder Nelson (the new ZL) was like "Stop crying before your mascara runs!!" and two of the elders just left the room haha. Thank goodness I only cried for a couple minutes before I was fine, but looking back it was pretty funny. About half the elders just felt bad for me, the others thought I was overreacting. Go figure.
The next story was our Easter surprise. I was making smoothies and Hna Lundquist was doing her makeup in the bathroom. I saw a mouse run across the floor into the kitchen and screamed because it scared me (I swear I screamed more this last week than I have my whole mission). She comes running out, thinking I had somehow stuck my hand in the blender (not sure why I would do that...) and asks what happened. I told her there was a mouse and she starts screaming, and yells (repeatedly) "Call the elders! Call the elders!" I was like "Get the mouse traps!" (funny enough we had found some in our closet the night before) and ask "Which elders!?" She says "I don't care! Just call the elders!!" and so I call our zone leaders (maybe this is why some elders hate sisters...haha). I'm sure they wondered why we were calling at 7 in the morning. Elder Nelson answers and this was our conversation:
Elder Nelson (sounding slightly confused): Hello this is Elder Nelson!
Me: Hi it's the sisters, how are you this morning?
Elder Nelson: Umm are you?
Me: Well...we could be better. We have a mouse in our apartment.
Elder Nelson: A mouse?
Me: Yeah! What do we do??
Elder Nelson: you have mouse traps?
Me: Yeah we already set them.
Elder Nelson: So...wait for the mouse to get stuck on the trap.
Hna Lundquist: But what if he doesn't get caught? What if he goes and poops in our shoes!?
Elder Nelson: Why don't you pick your shoes up...?
Us: Oh...that's a good idea.
Elder Nelson: Elder Preciado says you should get a cat.
Me: No! I'd just kill it anyway...
Elder Nelson (laughing): That's true. Hna Blackford would just kill it. On second thought don't get a cat.
Then he tells us that if we're really that concerned that we should scare the mouse out from under the oven so it gets trapped. Using our glue mouse trap, a board (to block the mouse in the kitchen), a chair, and a flashlight, we get the mouse to run out and he did get stuck! We used a spatula to flip the trap into a bucket and then threw him in the dumpster, where he probably baked to death in the hot Arizona sun. We called the elders to tell them we caught him, and they just laughed and congratulated us. And although they didn't exactly tell us anything we didn't already know, I think they found our little adventure amusing. Needless to say we were a little late starting personal study... :)
Well that's about all I have time for.
Love you all!
Hermana Blackford
Hermana Blackford lives in this duplex in Thatcher, AZ - right side

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