Monday, March 17, 2014

Ooops time for a big email today. I had some other important ones to send...sorry. But here's what little I have:
1) I've been out 5 months! What? How did that happen?
2) Hna Sutherland is amazing.
3) Veronica is still progressing AND already knows everything to pass her baptismal interview.
4) The dam was cool!! I'll send some pictures.
5) We had a week of miracles. So many little things happened to make it awesome. We have some solid new and potential investigators, and the members here are just the best with helping us help them.
6) Our musical number for zone conference tomorrow is gonna be sick. Did I tell you? Elder Tolman WROTE an arrangement of Abide With Me 'Tis Eventide and Be Still My Soul in like 2 days including harmony parts and my comp and I are singing a duet.
Umm let's see...Oh! I live in an apartment on the highway, and the landscape is different because here it is flat and there is even less vegetation...turns out everyone was right when they said Rio Rico is like the prettiest part of our mission.
Attaching pictures now! Love you all!
 Hermana Blackford on a hike to a dam


Hermana Sutherland and Blackford

Zone picture

Hermana Blackford at the dam

Hermana Sutherland and Blackford - waterfall by the dam

Hermana Blackford and Wright with Ma, Julia and Rio Rico Elders

 Zone hike to the dam

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