Monday, March 10, 2014

One Week in the Gila

Buenos Dias!!

Alright check this. My new comp, Hna Sutherland, is me. Like pretty sure we're the same person. You know what that means? Life is insane! We've got a lot of energy, work super hard, and say and do ridiculous random things. To say I love her is an understatement. She's from Idaho, was at BYU Provo (actually same time as me), is exactly 1 month older than me, speaks a lot of Spanish, and basically is my new bestie. La neta.

I live in Thatcher! Off the main highway somewhere. Kinda funny because technically we live outside our zone, because there are 2 zones in the valley but the Spanish branch covers both so...weird. Normally you need permission to leave your zone, but not us! We're special :)

I think here it's like 50% or so yeah a lot. Talk about being under the microscope!

Yeah we meet in Central, across from the temple

Active members in the branch? Somewhere in the 60s. We have more than 1/2 the members that are inactive.

Farmland...yeah around the outskirts, but the cities have lots of houses.

Heck yes we have a car! Shoot our area is way we could work without it. We have a jeep :)

Miracle of the week: Veronica! She's the wife of a less-active guy and we met her Thursday, set a date Friday, and the whole family (they have two little ones) came Sunday! She's hopefully going to be baptized by her husband on the 29th! They're both preparing, and it's so exciting! Literally she is the definition of a golden investigator. She even told people yesterday that she's "converting to Mormonism" during Relief Society. Haha so great.

Gila Valley is taking off right now! Hna Sutherland and I were ridiculously close to SOEs (gonna hit it this week!) and are both greenies so we're kinda freaking out excited. We are like Energizer Bunnies! Haha we never stop. Even when it's like after planning at night we're still hyper and talking and running around. Needless to say I am exhausted! But in a good way. We have fun, get tons done, and are super tight already. It's cool to be with someone who's my age in the mission - she left 2 weeks after me - because we learn together and grow together because we're kinda at the same place. And it's freaky how she is me from 6 weeks ago when I got my 2nd companion. Like her experiences have almost mirrored mine, so we get along swimmingly.

Spiritual thought of the week: Read the sections in PMG from Chapter One about the Spirit. It will change your life!

Anyway, I gotta go because we're going to hike by some dam today.

Miss you all and love you!

Hermana Blackford



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