Monday, March 24, 2014

I Only Hablo Espainglish

Buenos Dias!
Wow I can't believe it's already Monday again and I'm sitting here emailing....the weeks go by way too fast.

Alright I'll just start with questions:

Our branch is small, but awesome. We rely on the English speakers that are called to be in the branch still, because we don't have enough active members to do it on our own. The members are AWESOME though. We get fed every day, receive referrals on a regular basis, and have so many opportunities to serve. Love the branch :)

Well we're the only missionaries in our branch, so we don't work with other missionaries, but we see our zone (it's super small) multiple times a week, so I can give you a quick low-down.

Elder Preciado - he's a ZL, and he was my DL in Nogales my first transfer! So I already knowed him! Super hilarious Mexican. 'Nough said.

Elder Eliason - the other ZL, also ridiculously funny, he dies this transfer I think

Elder Evans - My DL, and he's awesome. He's really good with quotes, which you know how much I love quoting movies and such :)

Elder Houston - Elder Evans nearly silent companion. But if you catch him in a talkative mood he's super cool. He's tall. And I have his bike right now. So...yeah I can't touch the ground.

Sisters Allred & Pearson - they're the English bike sisters, and the 3rd companionship of our district. They're really sweet, but tend to keep to themselves so I don't really know them.

Elder Nichol (DL of other district) and Siglin - these two crack me up. A bit nerdy, but hey it makes it funny. They had the idea last week to play lava tag on p-day. Which I hadn't played since I was like 10. Hahaha it was fun

Elder Tolman - aka the musical genius. Wrote the medley and harmony parts for Hna Sutherland and me in like 2 days. He's super funny and fun to be sarcastic with

Elder Collins - Elder Tolman's comp, who I also don't know super well because I haven't had a successful full conversation with yeah

Sisters Weaver & Reeves - the sisters of the other district, are SO cute and SO sweet, but again tend to keep to themselves more, so I don't know them super well, but hopefully I can get to know them better.

And that's my zone! My new cousins pretty much. Everyone is super funny so we're always laughing and we see each other pretty regularly because we volunteer at the food bank twice a week together. It's a small zone, and I like it :)

Oh my gosh I use like 2x more Spanish here than in Rio Rico! That's because we work purely with the Spanish branch. My Spanish is a lot better than when I got here...haha I can finally speak pretty fluently. I also have the wonderful opportunity to be a translator in Relief Society for the English sisters in our branch. Lots of practice! Truth is sometimes my English gets messed up...or every day I have at least one  moment where English doesn't work.

Cool story...let's see. Oh! So we had zone conference on Tuesday, and the theme was repentance. Basically in one of the trainings I had this a-ha! moment where I finally realized how to be BFFs with Jesus Christ. It's SO simple. Keep the commandments! See John 14:15 and John 15:14 and you'll understand.

Frustrating story...yeah. We rewrote the cups song last night to do it as a the cups Restoration lesson (get it...cups!) and I can NOT, for the life of me, sing, build the tower, and keep the beat steady. Most frustrating thing all week. I'll just keep practicing I guess.

Other than that the most exciting thing is that Veronica is getting baptized on Saturday! Yay!! I'm so excited. We also realized last night that she's our born in '94, just like us. And has 2 kids. I was like "Woah that could be me!" Thank goodness I'm a missionary.

It's good to hear that people actually read this email and the blog...sometimes I wonder if I'm typing all this just for Mom. Which I would do anyway, but it's cool that people think my life is interesting!
Love you all!

Hermana Blackford



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