Monday, February 24, 2014

The Week I Didn't Get Rabies

Hey hey!

So this week was a bit it was forever long yet super short. And now I only have one week left of the transfer. Dang! Next time I email it will probably be from another area!! But we'll see; transfer calls come Sunday night and Tuesday is transfers.

The less active guy (and his wife) didn't come to church yesterday, but we're going to try to see them this week and see if we can't fix that :) That was such a cool experience...I wrote about it to Pres and he even talked about it when I had interviews with him last Wednesday. Speaking of interviews, during mine he said, "Sister Blackford, I think that you're just one of those missionaries who will be happy wherever she goes no matter what the area is like," or something like that. Basically then he told me how he thinks I love everyone and everything. Which is sorta true (my comp laughs because everything/everyone is my "favorite"), but makes me think my next area will be English and a bike area. A ver!

The kid that said he missed church dropped us...ugh. Sad day. Welcome to missionary life though.

Grandma asked if there is a lesson I like teaching most and the answer is that it depends. I LOVE teaching the first lesson because the Spirit is so strong whenever we share the First Vision. But I also really like teaching lesson 3, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because it clicks with anyone with a Christian background and helps them see that Mormons are actually not as weird as they thought. 

Today for p-day we'll head up to Tucson as soon as we finish emailing. Then we have exchanges tonight to tomorrow night. I'm stoked! It's "The Day" and this time the focus is on asking for referrals. I'm getting a sister that I don't really know, but heard she's super nice. She's coming here with me :)
Next Sunday is the Gilbert temple dedication!! We get to see it and so I'm excited. It's the second temple dedication I get to see! Win!

Trying to think of a cool story...oh yeah! I got bit by a dog last week. Freakin' chihuahua. I've got a nasty bruise and it sorta bled a bit when it happened. And now there's a orange-green-yellow-blue bruise and a scab. I hate those dogs. I wanted to punt it. But it was a member's dog. On the plus side it's been a great conversation starter! Everyone's like "What happened to your leg?" For a day I was pretty sure I'd get rabies, but I didn't.

Also got my first haircut of the mission this morning! One of the hermanas from the branch has been cutting hair for like 20 years and will do it for free for the missionaries :) I've got some awesome Mexican layers going on too. But for real I really like it (at least so far) and my ends were super dead because it's so dry here and now my hair feels happy.

The end.

Hermana Blackford

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