Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hey hey!
So I'm kinda short on time today, but it sounds like normal life back there! Here every day is another adventure. I have been so exhausted lately - Hna Wright and I have been working ourselves into the ground because our area is taking off and we don't want to lose the enthusiasm and momentum.
You guys seriously gotta ask me questions because I sit down and all I think is "Well....life is good, I'm alive, we're teaching people, and I hate wearing skirts all the time." And that's about all I got.

Let's see...Lourdes is doing alright. She was really sick and is exhausted, but she still is happy to be part of the gospel and knows she's doing the right thing.
I'll send pictures from the baptism now for Mom to put on the blog :)
Love you!

Hermana Blackford

Erin on P-Day in the Elder's area.....hmmm - nice neighborhood


Nogales district prior to current tranfer

Roger, Lourdes, Baby Jesus


Hermana Blackford, Lourdes, Hermana Johnson, Elder Call - Baptism!



Hermana Johnson and Hermana Blackford at the temple


South Zone (prior transfer) at the Temple


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