Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 months!!

Buenos Dias!

 I am ridiculously short on time today, but I can't believe I've been out 4 months! Time flies by...especially because we're super busy!

Thanks so much for the package! I'm nice so I share the chocolate and mangos with my district, so everyone is like yay!

So about language study: President is strict. 1 hour every single day (except p-days!) your whole mission.

We substitute some times for Gospel Doctrine, but missionaries can't be with kids so we can't do Primary (no matter how many times they ask).

Yesterday for P-day we went out to this mine and explored - super fun! I'm a little banged up from the army crawling and such, but it was worth it! Hopefully Lucano posts the picture on Facebook of the 4 of us hermanas that went! There was us 4, 4 elders, and 2 young men. Adventure!

Here's my miracle for the week: Because of mile cuts, we borrowed some bikes from some members and are trying to use them to save a few miles. On Saturday we had blocked out a couple hours where we would be on our bikes. We were near a street where one of our investigators and a less active couple lives. We stopped by our investigators house and got some water and talked with her daughter, and then decided we would knock on the less active's door. Normally they don't answer and the couple times that the husband has answered his wife hasn't been home. This couple was very active until less than a year ago, and since then has not been to church or allowed missionaries in. But we knocked on the door, and to our surprise it opened. A friend of the husband opened the door, told the husband we were there, and then he came out and said his wife was asleep, but offered us water. We stepped inside and he gave us water bottles and started some small talk, asking about where we're from, how long we'd been on our missions, why we were biking, etc. He even offered us some hamburgers he'd just been grilling! We talked with him and his friend for about 15 minutes before leaving. Nothing was said about church or anything, except we mentioned we'd love to meet his wife sometime. The next day, we were shocked when we came out of branch sacrament meeting to see this man standing in the foyer talking with some of the ward members. He came for all three hours of church! Hopefully we can visit them soon, and we keep praying he comes back next week. All of this because he felt pity for the Hermanas on bikes. Maybe mile cuts were more of a blessing than we realized. Plus as saddle sore as I was for a couple days, it's getting better and oh man is it getting us in shape!

Okay one more cool story: so we've been focusing on our finding a lot this transfer to build up our teaching pool and so we could drop investigators that weren't progressing. On Sunday, less than an hour before dinner, we had 2 news (weekly goal is 3) and all our potentials didn't play out. We were like shoot! So now we have like 20 minutes and we decided we couldn't go to dinner until we got our new (we report our weeks on Sunday nights). Hna Wright was like "Let's knock this house!" which was a neighbor to an investigator and so we did. No one was home. Then I was like "Wait...we knocked the wrong one. We need to knock the one across the street." So we did and bada-bing! The kid that opened said he misses going to church and was interested in listening to us. Turns out when you have faith and do all you can, the Lord blesses you to reach your goals. And we were even a few minutes early to dinner :)

Miss and love you all!

Hermana Blackford

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