Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Transfer time again

Hey familia!

First things first, the baptism did go through! Pictures I will send like next week...sorry. I was so excited!! Elder Call baptized her and then on Sunday Elder Harper confirmed her. She was so happy. I've never seen her be so happy and she says she feels dumb because the last few days she hasn't been able to stop smiling! It was like the best day ever. Lourdes is so ready and excited to keep moving forward and learning more. The ward is amazing and just embraced her. She's already making friends and everyone loves her. Turns out some people really are more ready than we could ever know.
Here's the low down on transfers: I stayed in Rio Rico, which makes me so happy. But I really am going to miss Hna. Johnson. We worked so well together and I'm glad she's staying in the zone. I laugh because she says I came pre-trained but truth is she was an amazing trainer and I learned a lot from her. My new companion is Hna. Wright, also from Virginia. Haha. She's seems super sweet, and I've heard good things about her from Hna. Johnson so I think we'll get along just fine. Our whole district is sad to lose Hna. Johnson, and that always makes it hard for a new person - she's got big shoes to fill.

Let's see...oh yeah the children of one of our investigators might be possessed, so we're bringing the elders over there this week to get a second opinion. So I might have my first experience with casting out a devil. A little scary but also super cool. Definitely not something you come across every day.
I have no idea how long it takes for mail to get here. Like 4 or 5 days, depending on if you send it straight to me or through the mission office.

I got super sick on Sunday. It was no fun. Now it's just like I have a cold. But Sunday after church I went home and slept for two hours, then we went to dinner and the members there insisted that I get a blessing from the elders so we texted President and got permission for me to get a blessing. I didn't get worse, which was what the blessing promised, so that's cool.

We are teaching the smartest 10 year old I've ever met. Her name is Daisy, and she literally remembers EVERYTHING we teach her, keeps her commitments and is genuinely excited about learning about God. We did the PoS lesson with her on Tuesday last week and drew it out on her back patio with chalk. Hna. Johnson was gone on exchanges that day, and when we saw Daisy again on Friday, she asked her about the lesson she had missed. Daisy stands up, runs to the chalk drawing, and explains the PoS PERFECTLY, including spirit prison and paradise, that we get perfect bodies when we're resurrected, what type of people go to which kingdom, and that God lives in the celestial kingdom. We literally didn't even know what to say. Most members couldn't explain the PoS as clearly and correctly as this little girl did. It was incredible. She is so prepared. She has a baptismal date for next month. She still needs to come to church enough times, but that shouldn't be an issue. Her grandma is a less active, and had requested that we start teaching Daisy. So it's awesome.
Well I'm pretty much out of time.

Miss and love you all!!

-Hermana Blackford

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