Monday, January 27, 2014

First Week of Transfer 3!

Hey everyone!

So I can't believe this week has already gone seriously feels like I was picking up Hna Wright yesterday from Tucson. She is AWESOME. We are a lot more alike than I expected, and we have fun and laugh all the time. Like everything about missionary work is fun with her, because we just get to be hyper and excited and then talk nonstop. We're getting better every day with our teaching - it's always a little rough to get the flow down at first, but it only took a couple days for us to get pretty solid. Hna Wright is from Virginia (just like Hna Johnson!!) and she has been out for 11 she will hit her year mark with me and we'll party it up. Or we'll just go get ice cream with our district. Same difference as a missionary.

Can't wait for Shannon!!! She's going to love being a missionary and will be one of those sisters who everyone else wants to be companions with :)

This week was crazy!! We had the most member presents ever since I've been here, still got our 3 news, taught 24 lessons (our record was 21), and had TWO less actives come to church. None of our investigators came, which sucks, but I can't be that sad because Blanca came to sacrament meeting!! She walked in a couple minutes late so I waved at her to come sit with me and was so stoked! She left after that, but hey, we were so happy. We also literally saw almost every single less active we have in our area that I've met - we still have a couple to find, but that's what we'll do this week. We have some new investigators, so now we're teaching 3 families! Just gotta get people to church. And we need to set dates, because no one came to church so our dates dropped. But hey, we're pumped and ready to hit the pavement (well...gravel) and get people progressing!

The funniest thing that that's hard. Every day something funny happens, because Hna Wright and I are kinda crazy. Literally we just have fun 24/7.'s a cool miracle. We were trying so hard to hit SOEs this week (almost got there!) and called like 2 gazillion members trying to get someone out with us, and just as we were running out of people to try, one member called us back and had rearranged her plans so she could come with us!! We were like hey look blessings!! And it ended up that she bore a sick testimony of the Book of Mormon. Win!

Possession...yeah not actually possessed. Kinda disappointing...

Spiritual though of the week: Read Alma 40! I have been teaching the Plan of Salvation a lot recently and have fallen in love with this chapter.

Miss you and love you all!!

Hermana Blackford

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