Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos!

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy everyone!

I swear every week it gets harder to think about what to I understand why the longer people are out the less they write. It's not that less happens or even that they have less's just you sit down at the computer screen and stare at it like, "Well....what to say..."
New Year's wasn't all that exciting...we had to be home by 8 so....yeah. BUT we get to share the sick Mormon Message about Lot's wife and the New Year and Sis. Johnson and I made up our own New Year's scripture message (BAM!). Haha we talked about how we always steal ideas from other people for messages, but this time we came up with our own!! We used the scriptures in Alma that talk about the people of Ammon/Anti-Nephi-Lehis "laying down their weapons of rebellion" and stuff and then we talk about how we all have weapons of rebellion - the little things we do that we shouldn't or don't do that we should - and how this year is the time to lay them down. It ends up being pretty cool.

If I ever get up to North Tucson I will totally go see Lora!!
Haha SUPER funny about the sisters....I mean really? They were that freaked out? Please, drunk people aren't that scary.  I guess it's a good thing they aren't serving outside the US. Or even here. I wonder if they would have freaked out about seeing a huge group of illegals at 6:30 in the morning outside their house or being followed by a pack of javelinas.

Apparently our little bread miracle was passed around the ward. Our ward mission leader was out of town and when he came back was like "I heard the coolest story about you sisters!" I guess the bishop told him what had happened. Now everyone is like "Wow the missionaries really do have the Spirit!" Turns out that we would be the worst missionaries every if we didn't have it....
Which reminds me I went on an exchange this week while Hna. Johnson was at MLC and I learned how important companionship unity is and that she and I actually really have amazing unity. Because while on this exchange I may have taught 4 lessons and contacted people for over an hour, I literally didn't feel the Spirit and there was 0 comp unity with this sister. It's kinda funny (and bad), but I keep learning that I'm doing good by going on exchanges and realizing how well Hna Johnson and I actually work together.

I also am learning so much better to recognize promptings from the Spirit. We had an appointment with one of our investigators tonight, but we were going to cancel because something else came up. This morning I told Hna Johnson that we HAD to, because I've had the strongest feelings about her lately and then an elder who used to serve here (now he's in the east) texted last night and asked about her. He said he had an impression that something important had happened - so sounds like he's getting the same feelings I am. So we rearranged and texted her to see if we could move our appointment back by 30 minutes. She responded and said that was fine, and she has some big news. We're pretty sure one of our investigators is going to tell us tonight that she wants to be baptized - because our last few lessons with her have been pretty powerful and she met with the bishop yesterday. BAM. Totally was feeling the Spirit and I'm so glad I spoke up to say we have to see her today. I have never been so anxious in my LIFE for pday to end...

Love and miss you all!!

Hermana Blackford

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