Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Almost Christmas!

Hola everyone!!

This week was another busy week...we did 11 hours of service! Two families in the ward were moving, so it kept us busy.
Sister Baird is leaving!? That's so sad, though it will be good for her. It's hard to stay in an area for too long. Change keeps us missionaries focused and working hard :)

Okay so questions...
1) LOVE the new elders. Elder Roney is the new Rio Rico elder, and he's super cool and so funny. Elder Westra is in South Nogie and he's a ginger and says the funniest things. So random. And he makes fun of himself for being a ginger. And Elder Graham is in North Nogie, and he's cool too.

2) Holidays are definitely easier to connect with people. Everyone feels a little nicer and is more open, and even people who are already religious are more willing to talk to us.
3) We attend both the English and the Spanish branch, but it's 9-1:30 because they have Sunday School and Relief Society at the same time.

4) animals? We see coyotes and javelinas a lot. We saw javelinas once while we were walking and it was super scary because they can be really aggressive. I see lizards on our window too. And a black widow took a shower with me once....
We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday! It was combined ward and branch and they had a cute little program and then food. We had some less actives and nonmembers come, so that was awesome!!

Today I turned 2!!! Yay!! I am so young it's weird...but that's okay. I learn so much every week.
I'm learning a lot about how directly obedience influences our blessings. Especially as missionaries, we have to be as obedient as possible. The big rules aren't too hard, but it's so hard to be good with all the little ones. Poco a poco though...if we want our investigators to progress we have to be obedient. The same goes for everyone though...if you want blessings you have to be exactly obedient.

Sorry this is short but I'm drawing a blank on stories this week....

Love and miss you!

Hermana Blackford

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