Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!

Buenos dias!!!

This week was so weird...both good and bad. I was SO excited to Skype home and talk to you guys of course, but the bad side of the holidays is that no one is home and so there isn't exactly a ton of work to do...which was frustrating when Thursday and Friday we were so stoked to work and like no one was home and stuff fell through.

Anyway...the Christmas conference with the whole mission on the 24th was super fun! Like I told you when I Skyped we were kinda late because the Rio Rico elders ran out of gas and we had to go get them some...but still it was awesome! We had tamales with a member and then went to the Tumacacori Mission to see the light-thingys. Also Midnight Mass! That was...interesting. I was super tired after that. And it built my testimony of La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Ultimos Dias ;)

Christmas we had breakfast with all 8 of us missionaries at a members, we Skyped, and then Hna Johnson and I were writing letters and resting in our room while the other elders (Elder Call and Elder Roney were with us at the Allens for Christmas) Skyped their families. We went and said hi to their families too! Elder Roney is 1 of 12 kids, so there was just like....people EVERYWHERE haha. Elder Call's family was super nice and his mom asked us questions and then they wanted us to tell them some of the funny stories we have about Elder Call. Haha :) Then we had dinner with the Allens (yay for ham!) and that night we had a district meeting with all 8 of us.

Cool mini-miracle for the week...yesterday morning we were getting ready to leave for church and Hna. Johnson said, "Hey I'm going to bring your loaf of bread with us just in case the elders forget to bring lunch," because we had district Spanish study after church. I was like "Okay" and so we did. As we were greeting people coming into church, I overheard some brethren talking and said they didn't have enough bread for the sacrament. I turned to them and said, "Oh, well we have a whole loaf of bread in the car! You can have it!" And I ran to the car and got it for them. They were a little confused and said, "Sisters....why do you have bread in your car?" And I was like "Honestly I don't know, we just brought it today in case we needed it for lunch, but we don't normally have it with us." It was such a little thing, but it made it so no one had to run home to get bread. They were super grateful, and we just smiled because as missionaries, little blessings like that happen all the time, and they are so cool :)

Saturday I went on an exchange up in Tucson (the Sahuaro branch), and it was way awesome! The sister I was with is super bold and I learned a lot from her. She's ridiculously nice too. I like exchanges to learn new ways to teach and stuff, but it does disrupt the flow of the week a little. I guess I better get used to it though, because there's a chance that next transfer my comp will be sister training leader too...

I'd give you an update on investigators...but we barely saw any this week. We have one that texted us this morning though and wants to meet with the bishop!

I have not seen any snakes except one little dead one...just a little garter snake though.

Love and miss everyone! Happy New Year!!!

Hermana Blackford

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