Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Report


So weird to think that Braden is home. It actually made me a little sad last Wednesday. I guess I mostly just felt left out. But I happened to get the package and two letters that day, so my sadness was rather short-lived. Haha typical me.
Thanksgiving was good! We had American Thanksgiving with everyone at the Dukes in the afternoon, followed by second Dia de Pavo with a family in the branch. The seasoning was very Mexican, so it was super funny, but delicious. I ate a little turkey and a little stuffing, just to be polite. But I mostly just like mashed potatoes. And I am quickly learning that you always under-eat at every meal. Because it is a guarantee they will do one of two things:
1) Pull out another dish or dessert

2) Be offended if you don't have seconds.

If I don't want to weigh 1000 lbs, I have to eat super small portions. And the rare times we get fruits and rarer times we get veggies, I load up on those. Haha.

I am so jealous that I won't get to see Matt!!! Plus someone should yell at him. He has not emailed me once!
So to answer Grandma's questions:

1) The number of referrals we've received since I got here? 0. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. It's the worst. We don't go tracting very often (never since I've been here) because our area is spread out. The best way for us to find right now is through former investigators and box-knocking.
2) I forgot to take pictures of the apartment...dang. It's one room. Well it's one room with a mini kitchen (as in a mini fridge and a microwave and a sink), a bathroom, and a walk in closet. And that's it. We don't need anything else though.
3) Laundry - we are lucky! The Allens' are super nice and let us use their washer and dryer, so we just go into the main part of the house and do laundry. They love it when we come in to the house and chat with them actually. So it's really cool.
4) We live in Tubac, which is no where. So it's like 30 or 25 minutes to Nogie. Which is fine, because technically that's not our area. But even Rio Rico is a bit of a drive, which sucks because we keep going over our mile limit. But we can't do work if we don't drive so...
5) We do 0 cooking because we don't have a real kitchen. The members feed us dinner every day, so it's not a problem. Yesterday was the first time we didn't have dinner, so all 8 of us missionaries brought whatever we had to the church and made food there.
6) Mexican food here is just real Mexican food. Like it's what you would typically think of, but it doesn't taste the same as a restaurant. Plus restaurants have WAY more variety than what we get here.

This week was weird. With the holidays, everyone is either with family or in Mexico, so Thursday - Saturday honestly were more like P-days.

Tuesday and Wednesday we worked like bosses and got 8 lessons in 2 days! That's insane for us. We're studs.
Thursday started off with the Branch softball game (I'll send pics). It's their tradition here. It was fun to spend time with them. Then we had a little down time and we changed and stuff for dinner numero uno. We were there from like 1:30 to almost 4:00, then we went home for naps (or in my case, to sew the hole in Elder Call's favorite sweater...He had called the night before at like10:00 freaking out about it. It was hilarious.) Then we went to our Mexican Thanksgiving, and were there from like 6-8. Then, we had to go to the church to practice music.
Friday we had been invited to go on a hike (will also send a pic) with a family in the ward, and supposedly their non-member friends were coming. But there was only members there so...yeah. Fail. But we literally had nothing to do because of dumb Black Friday, so we went and had a blast. Our district is so close. And we wished we had work, but since we didn't it was super fun to "hang out" (mas o menos). Then we had to go to the funeral for this lady in the branch. That's what the music practice was for...on Wednesday the branch president asked us to do a musical number. Elder Whitman has a beautiful voice so he and I did a duet - acapella "How Great Thou Art" in Spanish. It turned out well. Then Friday night we went home for weekly planning.

Saturday we helped our ward mission leader paint in his new house. Which was good! Except we sorta had a paint fight and then had to shower. And Elder Call learned that putting paint in a girl's hair is a bad idea. I am still peeling paint out of my hair today. It was super fun though. And we actually did get a lot of painting done.
Oh and yesterday my companion got hit by a door and it kinda split her heel open a little. Luckily there is a nurse practitioner in the ward and so we went to see him and he cleaned it and glued her back together.
That's all I can think of this este momento. So I'm going to send lots of pictures now. Love y'all!

-Hermana Blackford
Branch Thanksgiving softball game

Hermana Blackford y Johnson at the softball game
District hike to a cave with a few members
Mexico border in Nogales

Traditional Jumping picture in District in Rio Rico/Nogales

District in standing pose
Harper, Fairbanks, Blackford, Johnson, Call, Whitman, Preciado, Anderson

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