Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Been One Week (plus pictures)

Hello hello!
So hopefully Keagan laughs when she reads the title of this email. That was just for her.
Let me start out by saying, I'm FREE! As much as I loved the MTC, it was seriously prison. Way too many rules and restrictions. Here I can breathe. The field is 5465161645641x better.
I may have only been here a week, but I seriously already love it so much. To answer your questions, this is how my area works. Hermana Johnson, along with 3 sets of elders cover the Valle Verde Rama as well as the Nogales Ward. The area is just divided into 4 sections, and we each are assigned a piece. Which means we are all Spanish speaking missionaries but we teach in both English and Spanish. Rio Rico is pretty desert-y, but the mountains are pretty awesome. And since we are in Nogales like almost every day I see Mexico all the time. It's pretty freakin' awesome. It cools down here at night, but it's still like upper 70s during the day.
Time to introduce you to my new family! We see them pretty much every day. It's the best.
-The DL is Elder Presciado, the only Mexican in our district. He is seriously one of the sweetest people ever. He always checks in to make sure I'm doing okay, because I'm the only greenie (though there are 2 elders new to the area).
-His comp. is Elder Anderson, who is a fellow Pacific Islander (except he's from Hawaii, but he's white). He's super awesome too!

-Then there's the ZLs! First is Elder Call, who goes home in April. He's so funny, and definitely is not what I had originally expected from a ZL. Let's just say that he works super hard but is all about having fun.
-Other ZL is Elder Fairbanks, and he's so cool! He's from Mesa (had to stay in state for health reasons) and says hilarious side comments but you have to listen or you might miss it.
-Elder Whitman is way cool! Super tall, he's been out for a year. I'm not sure that words can describe him, but he's one of my favorites.
-His comp. is Elder Harper, who is way too quiet but is becoming increasingly more talkative.
And that's my family!! I love them SO much. The elders must have thought that I was hardcore Molly Mormon because every time we talk about like music or sports or whatever they're like "What!? Really? No way!" I gained some respect to say the least. Which is good because Elder Call usually is not a fan of sister missionaries, but he likes Hermana Johnson so I hope to keep that tradition going and that he likes me too! But yeah my whole district is super tight, and they are totally all over giving advice and Spanish vocab, some of which I probably don't even need to know. Like the verb entamalar (or something like that) means like to put someone in a bag and stab them to death. Thanks Elder Call, definitely needed to know that one.
Hermana Johnson has been here for one transfer, and before that the sister missionaries were teaching 0 investigators and visiting 0 less actives. "What were they doing?" you ask? Offroading with our little car out in the desert and causing thousands of dollars of damage to the car. Yup, I'm not joking. Hermana Johnson worked hard to get stuff built up las transfer, but we have a lot of work to do and we are ready to work ourselves to death to re-establish the reputation of the sisters in this area (no wonder Elder Call hates sisters, right?).
Everyone asks me what the hardest thing about being in the field is, but honestly the MTC was harder than this haha. I can handle this. It's more fun than I expected though! I guess I sorta forgot that missionaries are people too. We have so much fun as a district and work hard too! Great unity.
Well let's see...pretty much yeah for the most part this is kinda what I expected. We do lots of service trying to get the members to trust us. Bishop moved on Saturday and we helped out there for hours. And we have a lot of service lined up for this week.
Oh so sad! So you know how I'm like on the border and see Mexico all the time? Yeah they won't let you touch the fence. One day, I will touch it. Border patrol might shoot me or something though.
Hmm...now I understand why Braden always wanted us to send questions. Because you get here and 10 million things have happened so you aren't sure what to even talk about. So people should email me questions! Haha.

Lots of love,

Hermana Blackford


Hermana Blackford with Sister and President Killpack
New Batch of Missionaries at the Mormon Battalion Monument
Hermana Blackford and Hermana Johnson

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