Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello hello!

What a semana this has been! I feel like by the time Mondays roll around so much has happened! But at the same time I'm like 6/7 sure that Monday was yesterday. The mission has the weirdest time warps.

Okay so here is the answer to your preguntas:

1) I am not cold, my companion is freezing. But I did pull out sweaters. It's chilly at night, nice during the day. It will get colder, but that's okay. I kinda like it. Also it rained for 2 days, which is super weird for here but made me feel at home.

2) We haven't seen Blanca yet, but hopefully we will catch her this week. No church, but we didn't have high expectations.
2) Presidente Estren = the branch president (remember I have an English ward and a Spanish branch?)
3) We live in like a back room. I'll take a little video this week and send it next week and give you the grand tour. We come in a back entrance, but it's connected to the rest of the house.
4) Like a million people invited us for Thanksgiving, but we are going to the Duke's house. I actually haven't really met them...but I've heard they're cool. We had two dinners and then they combined, thank goodness!

 5) This wasn't a question, but the answer to more of what I want you to send for Christmas:

-Nutella (again)
-my orange sunglasses
-Walmart gift card (we live off $130 a's rough)
-chocolate :)
-tape (like packaging tape, duct tape, and scotch tape)

 Miracle numero uno from last week:

Last Monday after P-day was over we had a whole list of people we were going to try to see (but we had 0 appointments set). Literally every single person wasn't home. It was around 8:00, and we were wondering if we should just call it a day and go home to study. But both of us just felt like there was someone we needed to see. I didn't know of anyone else that lived close to where we were at, but Hna. Johnson was like "Oh let's see if Hna. Hernandez is home from work!" So we drove to her house. She wasn't home, but much to our surprise, her inactive daughter, Pamela, opened the door and told us to come in. Let me explain: she normally won't even answer the door to missionaries. Flabbergasted, we went inside and began chatting with her. It turns out she was feeling super sick from a toothache and was dealing with an infection before she could have surgery. We asked if she wanted a blessing, and she said yes! We called the ZLs (aka the Rio Rico elders - Elder Call and Elder Fairbanks) and asked them to come. While we waited for them, we asked if we could share a message and so we taught lesson one with cups. Which was way amazing. The elders got there, and before the blessing Elder Call told us the story that made this whole thing possible. As they were leaving their house after P-day, Elder Call saw his oil sitting on his desk, but left it there and was going to leave. He had an impression that he was going to need it that night, so he ran back to his desk to grab it. The Zls had the same problem as us this evening - no one was home - and were wondering where to go next when we called and asked if they had time to come give a blessing. Both our evenings had worked out perfectly to help this sister. Now whether or not this brings her back, we all know that the Lord was looking out for her, and she knows it too. Elder Fairbanks gave her one of the most beautiful blessings I've ever heard. Miracle!
Miracle number two happened on Saturday night. We had planned on going to a lesson with the ZLs that evening, and were meeting at 7 to go to the house. I had been feeling really sick all day, and it had gotten to the point where I asked Hna. Johnson to switch with me and drive because I couldn't. I haven't exactly been sleeping very well lately (shock right?) and I think my body was just starting to shut down from lack of REM cycles (just like senior year). Our investigator texted and said they needed to move the appointment to 8, so when the ZLs arrived I asked if in the mean time they would give me a blessing. We drove to the home where they live to ask they member if we could come inside for the blessing, and they were more than happy to let us in. Elder Call gave me a blessing that I would be able to continue doing missionary work and that sleep would come easier. He also gave me a Snickers bar and DayQuil and said that they would help too, haha. Anyway, so we went to the appointment after that, and then went home. By the time I got home, I felt 100% fine. I was starving from not eating much, but I felt fine. I slept better Saturday night than I had in over two weeks. I woke up Sunday morning feeling super hyper and was so grateful.

Guys, the power of the priesthood is so real. I am forever grateful to men that are worthy to hold and exercise the priesthood. We tell the elders after every blessing they give how grateful we are that they are worthy and willing to use their priesthood. Don't forget how blessed we are!

With Thanksgiving this week and Christmas just around the corner, take a little extra time to look around you and lift someone. We all have the responsibility to help bring others closer to Christ. This doesn't mean they have to get baptized, but it does mean we have to invite. A speaker in the MTC told us, "Once you invite, it's the Lord's battle." We are failures only if we don't invite. If someone declines an invitation of any kind, that doesn't mean we failed. It just means they aren't ready yet. But the only way to know who's ready is to invite everyone.
I love you all! Write me more letters!


Hermana Blackford

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