Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Country Life in the Desert

Hola hola!
So familia y amigos, before I tell all my stories here's the scoop. La Hermana Johnson and I are in desperate need of your help. We need new music! So my mission allows Disney music....WHAT!? Best thing I learned. Madre, if you/Keagan would burn copies of my Tangled CD and also my EFY one (it's in a DVD case in the stack in my room) and send them like...today...I would be so grateful. Then get a ton of Disney music, make like 50 mix CDs, and send them to us! Por favor! We live out in the middle of nowhere and spend a lot of time driving, so we need some new uplifting music.
 To answer all the questions:
1) Yes all mail goes to the mission office. Always and forever!
2) I don't know my house number, but I live on Cielito in Tubac, the last house on the street.
3) We actually don't see the members that often, we are in a side part of the house and use our own back entrance. But we do chat with them a couple times a week! I love them. Sis. Allen is super awesome and does so much more for us than we need. She lets us use her washer/dryer, buys stuff to fix up our room, etc. Last week she cleaned our room/bathroom entirely for us, and was like "It was really fun!"
4) Yeah we have both Nogales ward (English) and the Valle Verde branch (Spanish). They cover the same geographical area. We have 1/4 of that area, since there are also 3 sets of elders. We teach whoever lives in our area, regardless of whether they attend the ward or branch. Does that make sense? Kinda hard to explain...
5) The work here is building...slowly. Last week was a rough week for the whole mission, and our district (minus us actually) had a super hard time. We did great...sorta. 15 lessons, which is awesome for this area! But we can always do more. The poor ZLs got told to never come back by a couple of their investigators, one of which was super solid. It's a struggle here. But we have our kids with baptismal dates of the 30th! I say kids because they are 10 and 14, girl (Dominique and Stoney) and boy. We love them! They came to church again on Sunday, and the elders reached out to Stoney and we're going to bring the ZLs (they're the other Rio Rico missionaries) with us to meet with the kids and their dad (parents are split, mom lives in our area and dad lives in theirs, so it will be a joint teaching effort with the dad, who drove the kids to church and said we could come visit him and the kids this weekend!).
A solid 50% or more of what we do is work with inactives. There are like 150 inactive FAMILIES in the branch, and a bunch in the ward. We can't bring new converts to a place where the members aren't strong, so right now we teach tons of inactives and are working on training/strengthening members.
6) (This was April's question) The most awkward moment of the week was when we went to visit a less active family. The husband had been super friendly and so we set up an appointment, but when we went he was sick so we just taught the wife and the grown daughter who was there visiting. Talk about awkward! They clearly did not want us there and converstation was super forced. I was supposed to give a spiritual thought or mini lesson, but the Spirit just wasn't there so we had to make it brief. Hopefully next time it goes better....
Story time! So P-day was yesterday, but because of the holiday we couldn't email until today. But we went on like a 10 mile hike through the desert to a lake. We expected this to be like a much shorter thing...like and hour and a half or so...but no. We were gone 3 hours and went all the way to this lake - not what we planned! It was insane. So fun. We were climbing these rocky mountains and it was super hot (like 85) and we did not have enough water, but that's okay! It was so ridiculously fun. I'll attach some pics. I'm a little sore today though...but it was worth it! It was us, the 6 elders from our district, and 5 young men from the branch. I learned all sorts of Spanish slang...and some things I won't repeat. Haha at least now I know what people are saying!
Hermana Johnson and I get along so well. We're boss companions, so I hope she gets to stay with me the whole 12 weeks! We just work well together in teaching, and we like to be silly and have fun sometimes too, especially like on p-day with our elders.
Out of time, but love you and miss you! Please send music ASAP....I'm dying here. Haha. And keep asking questions! So helpful :)
 Hermana Blackford
Hermana Blackford hiking in the Arizona desert
Hermanas Blackford y Johnson 

They hiked to this lake....name?

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