Monday, November 18, 2013

About the area and the work - plus pictures!

Voy a empezar con las preguntas porque son mas faciles.
1) I haven't eaten anything super weird that I can think I had pazole for the first time but that's just Mexican soup. Oh wait!! Yeah so Sister Bake is this crazy cool lady from Puerto Rico, and I had fried bread fruit and platanos! SO good. Especially the bread fruit. But other than that it's just Mexican food and regular white people food.
2) The schedule is fine. Getting up at 6:25 isn't that early. I go to bed like right at 10:30, but Hna. Johnson is usually completely out by 9:45. So I clean, write in my journal, occasionally write letters, and as of late, have been doing some mending for our elders once she goes to bed.
3) I'm boss at Spanish and never make mistakes. Just kidding I do all the time. I haven't said anything too bad, except one time this kid told me to say something and then lied to me about what it meant. Turns out it was a bad word. Ooops. Well now I know.
4) Members here feed us all the time! The sisters always have dinner, the elders have a few days a month they don't have people signed up though. So usually we will ask who we're eating with if they can feed 2 or 4 elders as well. But as sisters, we also get lunch fed to us a lot. Shh don't tell the elders! They never get that.
5) So my area = Tubac, Tumacori, and that side of the freeway in Rio Rico down to San Xaiver. South of that and the other side of the freeway in Rio Rico is the ZLs area.
6) The picture looks sorta like our I think it is. It looks a little different now though...
Renee's questions!
1) Highlight of the week was exchanges! I went up to Los Reales (south Tucson) with the sister training leader, Hna, U. She and I became like insta-bestfriends. We have a lot in common. Too bad she dies in 3 weeks. We just had awesome conversations and although like all our appointments fell through, we had a productive day. My face hurt from smiling afterwards haha.
2) Goals my companion and I have...well we're always trying to get more members to come out with us. It's hard for us. But it's getting better. We also try to speak more Spanish amongst ourselves, but it like never happens. Except I text the Zls in Spanish a lot.
3) Our less active work is moving, but of course slowly. We have a couple LAs who will let us visit but won't come to church, so the most important thing to do is to find out what's holding them back. Every single one of them says they know the Church is true, so now we have to push beyond all the lame excuses.
That reminds me of a cool story!! Miracle time. So we went down to the far south end of our area to see if we could find a less active and a former investigator who live on the same street. Turns out neither of them were home, so then we were like "Okay who else lives down in this area?" because we are already over our mile limit and we have a week left. And then Hna. Johnson was like "Oh well this one Hna. named Blanca that Presidente Estren told us to visit lives around here I think!" So we whipped out our map, found her house, and drove there. We knocked, but no answer. Just when we were about to leave, she pulls in! She works for animal control (and has awesome stories) and was still on duty, but had brought home a little bird that they were going to release because she wanted to keep it instead. Blanca let us in and we chatted with her while she got the little guy all situated in a cage. She is my favorite. She was straight up. She asked us why we came, told us her situation and that she knows she needs to come to church, and said "You can teach me whatever. I know all the answers, it's just a matter of doing something about it." And it's true. She really does know the gospel super well, and even said that the timing of her coming home and our visit was a sign. I guess some elders had stopped by a couple transfers ago at a miraculous time as well. But when all was said and done, unlike in times past, she said it would be fine if we visit and gave us her number, both cell phone and work (so we can call her when crazy dogs chase us). It was seriously a miracle. Perfect timing, and Hna. Johnson and I were the perfect missionaries to go, because we could just laugh and chat with her as a friend in a way that elders wouldn't have been able to. The Lord knows what He's doing!
Let's see...que mas. Speaking only in English or only in Spanish is really hard right now. It's weird how often we switch and some words are just always better in the other language. We are pro Spanglish speakers here in Nogie.
Ooh! I'll attach photos of our kids! I love love love them. I think I talked about them last week - Dominic, Stoney, and Judy? They are 10, 14 and 17 and all three came to church yesterday! It's super fun to teach kids, because they are so open and honest. Stoney isn't as on board as his sisters, so we asked the ZLs to come with us to an appointment with them and help him be more excited. He loves the elders (of course) so that helped a lot. You know, just to see that Mormons are cool people too.
Que mas (not too be confused with quemas) se. Well that's all I got right now. What day does Braden come home again?
Love and miss y'all!

Hermana Blackford
Art work...not sure for what...

Dominic (10) Stoney (14) Judy (17) - investigators

Hermana Blackford and Hermana U

The MTC District
Sunset the first night in Tucson

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