Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Was Born to Be Hispanic

Hello world!!

So crazy crazy CRAZY week. My last week in the CCM was AMAZING. Seriously, that place is the best. Except the food sucks. But other than that, it's awesome. By the way, before I forget, Hermana Williams (my favorite teacher in the world) knows Alayna!! They used to work together. It's such a small world in Provo.

I am surprised I am super hyper right now because I was up for 20 hours yesterday and got like 7 hours of sleep and have had training all morning. So if this is all over the place I apologize.

My second week in the CCM was so fun/spiritual. West Campus = not as cool as Main Campus, except the beach volleyball court. That was awesome. And let's just say I understand why we aren't allowed to keep score, because my zone might have been slightly ridiculously competitive. Anyway, so we kept teaching our "investigators" and I spoke more and more in the lessons. My teacher Hermano Henderson said my Spanish improved SO much during those two weeks. Word. Let's see....oh yeah! I sang in Sacrament Meeting Sunday. That was fun! Just the first and last verse of Yo Se Que Vive Mi Senor, but it was good. My barrio is all Hispanic, so most people couldn't really sing so everyone was excited about a special music number. Plus it meant they wouldn't call on me to speak, so a double win! Though honestly I speak pretty well now. Speaking English these last couple days has been a little weird...normally I don't speak it this much.
I got one of the biggest compliments from my zone last week. They told me I was born to be Hispanic. Why? Just because I love Spanish and was beginnning to fit in with the latinos. One time I actually forgot I was white. Like for real. Elder Ramos made some joke about white people and like 10 minutes later I was like, "Hey!! I'm white!" and he was like "I was wondering when you were going to realize that..." So basially they accepted me into their culture and hopefully it will be like that in my first area.

Random side note...basically everyone I meet now asks me about my eyes. No one can tell for sure if they're hazel or green and so people always ask. It's kinda weird. Hermana Orantes said that most days they're such a bright green that it almost freaks her out if I hold eye contact for too long. Hahaha she's silly. But really...what is up with my eyes? I swear this isn't normal.

I already miss some of the missionaries from the CCM. There are two Elders from another district in my zone that I got to know really well last week, and they are the best. Super sweet. They're headed to Mexico, but they have my email so hopefully we keep in touch. One of them might be going to BYU post mission, so if he does I'm sure we'll meet up at some point. He's my favorite (shhh!). Totally cute, super mature for an elder, and helpful with my Spanish. My CCM companion leaves tomorrow for San Jose. So crazy!

For coming to Tucson I was assigned as the travel leader, which is funny because I was traveling with 5 elders. It was weird to be with elders without my companion. But they were awesome. We got to Tucson no problem (and my bags weighed 49 and 50 lbs, with my carry on being probably like 35, yikes!) and they said that this is the smallest group of new missionaries they've had in over a year. I guess usually they have 30-35 missionaries, and we had 8. Since I was the only sister, I rode with President and Sister Killpack for most of the driving (we stopped at the Mormon Battalion monument), which is cool because that means I got to spend like an extra hour or so getting to know them. They're awesome. The APs, who have been helping with all the training, are super great too. Elder Hansen, who is a Spanish speaking elder, chatted with me a ton about Spanish and all sorts of stuff, and told me he thinks I'm the most prepared missionary he's ever met. It was like the biggest compliment I've ever gotten.

My companion's name is Hermana Johnson! She is from Virginia, turns 22 on Thursday, and has been on her mission for 10 months. I might speak more Spanish than her, but that's okay. As far as I can tell (from the 5 hours I've known her) she is very sweet and cheery. So we'll probably get along just fine. I'm her second daughter in a row. So she's good with the whole training thing.

Now for the big reveal! My first area will be....drum roll please....RIO RICO!!! It's just north of Nogales. Which yes, means I will be spending plenty of time in Nogales on the border. They're sending me right down to Mexcio-town. My area includes a huge Spanish branch and a small English ward. Apparently the work down there is exploding, so I am stoked. I've been told we live in a member's home too, so that will be interesting. Currently I'm still in Tucson, so I don't have a lot to say about my area since I sort of haven't been there yet...but yeah. I'm pumped! So ready to teach!

Alright I'm about out of time, so here's the new spiritual challenge of the week. (By the way what's the report on the 1 Nefi reading?) Say your personal prayers morning and night, and make the morning one ONLY be a prayer of thanks. I promise if you do, you will have amazing days. It'll make you 65465416514654x happier.

Love you all!

Hermana Blackford



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  1. She is sooooo cute! Can't wait to hear about all of her adventures!